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Writing A Dissertation Abstract with useful ideas

Your dissertation abstract is a mini-story of your big project. It shares the main points of your research in just a few sentences so that people can understand what you did and what you found out.

Only big university students are ought to perform dissertation research, thus our blog is for same level students. While reading you will be able to relate it with your abstract issues, so wait no more and start finding solutions.

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Tips for Writing an Abstract for a Dissertation

We have decided to share some accessible and useful tips for writing a good dissertation abstract with students. So they can complete their abstract with lot more stress free manner;

1. Identify the Purpose

Go simply to the point, and clearly state why you did this study. What question did it answer? 

2. Briefly Discuss Methods

Point out what you did to find your answers. After that, confirm to deliver it in a formal tone like, “A survey approach was utilized,” or, “A systematic literature review was conducted.”

3. Highlight the Findings

Then you will focus on what you found out from your study. Present it formally, stating it as “The results indicated…”

4. Outline the Conclusion

For such research write ups, you have to explain in abstracts the importance or implications of your findings. Use phrases such as, “The study concludes that…”

5. Use Formal Language

Though the sentences should be easy to understand, use formal language throughout. Avoid jargon, but keep the tone scholarly while writing an abstract for a dissertation.

6. Make it Coherent

Dissertation writers should always make sure one sentence logically progresses to the next, keeping your abstract easy to follow.

7. Keep it Concise

One of the key elements of an abstract is brevity. Stick to the point and avoid any unnecessary details.

Useful Phrases When Writing a Dissertation Abstract

You have to clear one thing at the start, which is do not always use complex vocabulary. So, take some help with writing thesis and use these easy yet relatable phrases when writing a dissertation abstract:

  1. “This study looks at…” – Start with what you researched.
  2. “The main focus was…” – Highlight what you concentrated on.
  3. “I found that…” – Share your big discoveries.
  4. “This is important because…” – Tell them why your work matters.
  5. “In conclusion…” – Wrap it up with your final thoughts.
  6. “Further research could…” – Suggest what comes next or what gaps are there to investigate.

Writing a Dissertation Abstract Examples

There are plenty of subjects, but we are taking the most concerning topics for our examples. As per our 2023’s annual report, most of the students faced issues in history, law, a business project, and on current trends like 3.0 internet revolution. So, let’s start from these:


“This study examined the crucial role of Nelson Mandela in South Africa’s fight against apartheid. I found that Mandela’s leadership helped bring people together to resist oppression. This is important because it shows how strong leadership can inspire change. In conclusion, Mandela’s actions still influence world leaders today.”


“The focus of this paper was to analyze the effect of new privacy laws on social media companies. My study shows that stricter privacy laws have forced many of these companies to change their policies. This matters because people’s personal information needs to be protected online. In the end, we need even tougher laws to keep people’s info safe.”

Business Project

“This project looked at the strategies successful startups use in their first year. The big finding was that successful startups are all about finding their niche and adapting quickly. Why does this matter? Well, it helps new businesses know where to focus their efforts. In conclusion, startups need to stay flexible and be ready to change.”

3.0 Internet Revolution

“I studied how the 3.0 internet revolution has changed the way businesses operate. What I found was that it has opened up new ways for people to collaborate and share knowledge. This is a big deal because it makes businesses more efficient and creative. To wrap it up, the 3.0 revolution is reshaping the business world, and there’s plenty more to research.”

So that was a short and quick help for writing a dissertation abstract examples. Now readers can move to the next section. 

Start Writing a Good Abstract for Dissertation

After going through all the useful phrases when writing a dissertation abstract we are eventually starting the main process. You need to take care of 4 main things, as most of the students face problems in one of them. As per our latest students’ dissertation writing help, either we find them stuck into summarization, or stating the problem. While others were confused in sharing the details of approach and conclusion writing.

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Thus, now with each explanation, all doubts will clear out. 

1. State the Problem

Begin with a sentence about what you researched like, “This study examined the effects of urban noise pollution on bird communication.”

2. Describe the Approach

In one sentence, you will summarize how you did your research, “Field recordings and behavioral observations were used to collect data.”

3. Summarize Findings

In one sentence, report what you investigated, “Findings indicate that increased noise levels significantly disrupt bird calls and responses.”

4. State the Conclusion

At last, end with a sentence about the importance of your research, “The research highlights the need for urban planning to consider the acoustic environment for wildlife.”

How Long is a Dissertation Abstract?

The length of a dissertation abstract can vary depending on the academic discipline and specific institutional guidelines. Below is a table that provides a general overview of the typical length range for dissertation abstracts across various fields. However, we are not claiming that they will stay fixed for each year, but you can take an idea from these. 

Academic Discipline

Typical Length Range (words)


250 – 350

Social Sciences

150 – 300

Natural Sciences

150 – 250

Engineering & Technology

150 – 300


200 – 300

Business & Management

150 – 350

Writing a Dissertation Abstract for a Job Application

Now you have enough tips for writing an abstract for a dissertation in your basket. So compiling an abstract for a job application, keep the key notes of research essay helpers in mind too. Along with that, you must want it to be specifically streamlined, formal, and relevant. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Purpose and Relevance

Start with a clear sentence about your dissertation’s aim and its relevance to the job you’re applying for. For example, “My dissertation investigated effective teaching strategies for diverse classrooms, aligning with your institution’s commitment to inclusive education.”

2. Methodology Brief

Follow with a simple sentence on how you conducted your research, “I conducted a mixed-methods study involving classroom observations and teacher interviews.”

3. Key Findings

Then, succinctly highlight your main findings, “The research identified three key strategies that significantly improved student engagement and learning outcomes in diverse educational settings.”

4. Application of Findings

Conclude with a statement on how your findings can be applied to the position you’re applying for, “These strategies can be directly applied to develop and implement inclusive teaching practices, contributing to the institution’s mission.”

Now, here’s an example for writing a dissertation abstract for a job application in simple and clear language:

Example 1

“I dove into the world of renewable energy for my final project at university. I wanted to know how effective it is and if it could really replace the old ways of getting energy. So, I looked at many different studies and talked to experts. I found out that with the right investment and public support, renewable energy could actually supply most of our power needs. This research was important because it shed light on how we can fight climate change and protect our planet.”

Example 2

“My thesis was about how kids learn better in schools when they have access to technology. I went into several schools to see how they were using laptops and tablets in class. Then, I compared their exam results to see if there was any difference. And there was! Schools with more tech in class had better results. My research helps show how investing in technology in our schools can help children learn better.”

Writing a History Dissertation Abstract

History hides many secrets in it, but it clears out our doubts and makes thoughts crystal clear. For that you have to go through and find out what is a counterclaim in each historical event to understand the fresh perspectives. In the same way, we are sharing some straight to the point and fresh methods so you can write an abstract for history dissertation.

writing a dissertation abstract 4

1. What’s it about?

“We looked into how and why the French Revolution happened by reviewing old government records, newspapers, and diaries.”

2. How’d I do it?

“We researched and compared lots of these documents to figure out the story.”

3. What I found?

“Our main discovery was that money problems played a huge role in starting the Revolution.”

4. Why does it matter?

“This helps us see how financial crises can really shake up governments and societies.”

We hope, now writing a history dissertation abstract would be quicker than before. 

Writing a Law Dissertation Abstract

Now again without going into complex details, our essay writer helpers will share the core four problem resolving sections. In each section, you will read an example to help you understand the concept. 

1. Focus of the Study

“This dissertation examines the influence of international law on environmental policies in developing countries.”

2. Research Methodology

“A review of international treaties and their implementation in national laws served as the primary method of investigation.”

3. Key Findings

“The analysis reveals a significant gap between policy adoption and actual enforcement, highlighting inconsistencies in compliance mechanisms.”

4. Conclusion and Implications

“The study underscores the need for stronger enforcement strategies to ensure environmental protection, suggesting a pathway for legal reforms.”


We expect that writing a dissertation abstract has taught you loads. A good abstract is all about keeping it short, clear, and packing in the main points of your research. So whether you are writing a law dissertation abstract or any other, it is your big research idea made bite-sized. It’s saying: “Here’s what I did, here’s what I found out, and here’s why it matters”. By sticking to simple, clear language while writing a good abstract for dissertation, we can make our research easy for anyone to grasp, and hook in readers to want to learn more.