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Why i want to run for student council essay

A student council is a group of students who other students elect to represent them in school government. Student government membership is one of the most important activities in every student’s life.

According to Scott Mathie, a student leader coach, ” Student-leader roles give opportunities for students to be put in situations to lead, correct, and communicate with others.”

But here’s the question: why do students want to run a student committee? Do not worry; we have covered all the reasons why I want to run for student council. 

What is a Student Council?

A student council is also known as a student federation, student organization, or student government. Within a school, college, or university, these groups of people organize events, discuss issues with academics on behalf of their peers, and resolve issues and problems within the student body.

6 Reasons Why I Want to Run for Student Council Essay

I want to become a member of the student federation for several reasons. And it’s not just about me; these reasons are valuable for any student who wants to run for student council. Just stick with us as we disclose these six reasons.

I want to Represent and Advocate other student:

The first thing that encouraged me to become a member of the student government was representation and advocacy. This means taking the lead in any situation and spreading the students’ voices to other worlds. Sometimes, students are shy, and they don’t fight back for their rights. Here, as a student organization member, I want to listen to the students’ problems and approach faculty, staff, and administration for a suitable solution. 

By acting as a bridge between the students and the administration, I ensure that students’ voices are heard and their needs are being addressed. Let’s create an atmosphere of trust and understanding between the students and the staff. My greatest inspiration to become a representative comes from Pharrell Williams’ words.

“Yo, you don’t need nobody to represent you. You represent you. You represent the best version of who you could be. You go out there and change the world.”

I want to run for student council to develop my personal skill

Personality becomes visible with personal skill development. That’s why I want to run for student council essay. But more than that, ten years from now I see myself playing a leading role in the country’s politics, and that’s why enhancing my skills is my priority. 

Problem-solving, managing time and discipline, and patience in different situations are some of the common examples of individual skill development. 

These skills are valuable in any future career path. By empowering these skills, I want to make a better future for myself. Everybody, including me, must run for student council to enhance our skills. Here, I want to add a quotation from Robbert Greene, which will encourage everyone to improve their skills:

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”

I want to Gain Leadership and responsibility.

Participating in a student board provides a platform to enhance leadership skills and make you more responsible in your daily life tasks. As I was a hockey team captain in my high school, I better understand how much responsibility a leader has on his head. 

My leadership skills make me a perfect candidate for becoming a member. By participating in the student government program, I want to enhance my leadership skills and be responsible for my daily task incentives. As John C. Maxwell Quoted that:

 “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.”

I want to Build Strong Relationships with others:

Building relationships with others is necessary in today’s world, which is why I want to run for student council. I am passionate about collaborating with people from different backgrounds to understand their beliefs and cultures. 

These Student advisory groups are a core platform in this scenario, through which everybody gets a chance to meet other people. Besides this, I also want to build strong relationships between teachers, administration, and students. There is always a gap between students and administration authorities. 

I want to act as a bridge to remove this gap so that every student has access to these authorities. Here, I would like to mention a beautiful quote from Ben Stein about building relationships:

“Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows.”

I want to Enhance my Communication Skills:

Why I want to run for student council essay? Running for a student committee will allow me to communicate with a broader audience. I belong to a family where I spend most of my time within the home. The negative impact of this is that I need more communication skills. 

Becoming a part of the federation will help me enhance my public speaking and persuasion skills. These communication skills are valuable in various aspects of our lives. Communication skills are essential as Gerald R. Ford, former United States president, says that

 “Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.”

I want to manage budgets and events:

Nobody knows that I am a solo person in my house who manages all of our family functions, including budgets. I may be proven as the best budget and event planner once I get a position on the student council. 

What can be more exciting than this is that you are organizing an annual dinner for your teachers, managing a welcome party for your junior, providing juniors with assignments writing help, or organizing a farewell party for your seniors. 

These events come very rarely in your life, and I want to get full credit for organizing these events. It’s a plus point that I am very good at managing budgets very well without breaking the bank. Before every event planning, I remember what Mark Kilens says:

“Events are this really special magical thing that can create bonds between people, brands, and community.”

What are the Questions that the school council might ask you during an interview?

As per experience, Students who wish to join the council may face some common questions during the interview. Here they are.

  1. What kind of activities are in our school and why?
  2. What will you do to make our school better?
  3. What will you do if someone tries to fight with you or your friends?
  4. What is your experience in managing events or other extra activities?
  5. How do you encourage children to have fun?
  6. What are your personal skills?
  7. How would you help us maintain discipline in school
  8. What does bravery mean to you
  9. Are you able to work in multiple conditions
  10. How do you manage your stress and workload?

Top 5 Student Councils Working In USA

There are many student governments currently working in the USA, but here are the five most effective ones. Every council or government has its purpose and perspective.

Names of Student Councils


Purpose of the Council

American Student Government Association (ASGA)

March 2003

The main purpose of the council is to provide student leaders with networking, research, and information resources. And also teach them how to become ethical, leader, responsible, and effective within their campuses, 

University of Central Florida Student Government (UCF SG)

March 9, 1969

This council consists of three parts: judicial, legislative, and executive. And the main purpose to run for student council is to advocate for and serve the student body. 

Oregon Student Association (OSA)


The council was established to serve and protect students’ interests in post-secondary study life. Its main focus is on addressing issues such as tuition, financial aid, and student rights.

Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA)


The Georgetown University Student Association (GUSA) is the undergraduate student government of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. The organization’s main purpose is to encourage Hoys by giving them control, improving student quality of life, protecting Hoya’s rights, and involving Hoya in the university government.

Student Association at UWM


This council is working solely within the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Their main purpose is to enhance the student experience at UWM by representing them, advocate them, guiding them, and adding funding and services to the student body to improve their student’s life.

Final Thoughts

Many people ask me why I want to run for student council essay. The reason is that running for student organization will be an excellent opportunity for us to have a positive effect on our community. If you enter the council, your actions must benefit everyone, not your words. We highly encourage others to be a part of this activity and make a better world together.