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Why I Want To Be Confirmed Essay

Confirmation is a very much-needed event in the life of every young catholic Christian. It’s the moment they finally affirmed their dedication to the catholic church and got tightly knitted with their faith. If you are a young catholic, you must be looking for the right moment of confirmation. For that, if you need writing essay help then here we are.

But why is confirmation so significant and much needed? To find out the answers to this question, check out this blog for an exclusive reason why I want to be confirmed. 

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is one of the Christian catholic church’s seven sacraments. Every catholic once goes through the confirmation to affirm their faith and dedication to the catholic church and receive a holy spirit. 

4 Reasons Why I want to be Confirmed Essay

In this exclusive why I want to be confirmed essay, the essay help writer is going to give you the four primary reasons why confirmation is so significant and why you should be excited and prepared for it.

Affirmation of Faith

The biggest reason why confirmation is so significant is that it deepens one’s faith in the religion. You might have faith in God, and you might be associated with the catholic church, but confirmation is what makes you devoted and dedicated to the religion. It is a long path that requires a constant quest for learning and growth. 

Confirmation marks a milestone in deepening your relationship with God and sets you in a position where you know most about the religion. It will help you grow in yourself. You will indulge in different faith-based activities and feel more connected with the Christian community and God himself.

The Feeling of Belonging With Community

Confirmation is also very necessary for creating a feeling of belonging in the catholic community. It will help you grow as an active church member and allow you to share your time with people who share the same faith with you.

You will be able to participate in the ministries, serve the community, and become a significant believer in catholicism. Later on, it becomes a big paper essay help for your academic access if given a task like this. Anyways, you will learn from the people in the catholic community and clear out all the confusion regarding your faith. It gives you a feeling of belonging and being understood among the people. 

Leading A Faithful Life

If you are confirmed and you have declared your faith publicly, you will get to live your life according to your faith. This is why I want to be confirmed essay. You will be seen as a committed member of the catholic church. You will have the opportunity to be free in following your religion and witness others in your catholic community as well.

Catholicism is not just a religion; it’s a way of thinking, perceiving, and understanding life. If you are confirmed, you will see the world in a different light because now you have faith in God, and how you will respond to different situations is driven by it. You will be calmer, kind, considerate, and helpful to others, and you will learn to stand up for your beliefs when needed. 

The Holy Spirit

You will be able to receive the holy spirit during the confirmation ceremony. It’s one of the most powerful life-changing moments for anyone who will now find a way of living with the blessing of the holy spirit. You will be able to navigate your life with grace, wisdom, and the holy spirit as your guide and aid. 

You will now be seeking help and guidance directly from God. Your faith will strengthen, and you can experience God from closer. It will help you not become discouraged by the little hurdles coming your way. With the holy spirit and God on your side, you can stay courageous and strong enough to live an ideal life. 

To Sum Up

Now why I want to be confirmed essay has ended here. No doubt, to be confirmed is one of the most significant things you can do to uplift your spirituality. It’s a milestone that marks how much you have grown and how much you’ve strengthened your relationship with God. It’s a significant change in your faith and daily life. 

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There are plenty of reasons why confirmation is necessary for catholic believers’ lives, such as affirmation of faith, the feeling of belonging, leading a faithful life, and receiving the holy spirit. Confirmation balances your life by providing guidance and courage and making you a committed catholic member.