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Why Did The Sunningdale Agreement Fail Essay?

The Sunningdale agreement is considered one of the most important political issues in Ireland. This political event is significant because it led to the foundation for many other political events later in the history of Ireland. Even though the agreement failed to achieve its goals, it is still considered important enough to be studied in schools. 

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Why Did The Sunningdale Agreement Failed? (An Essay)

It’s been 50 years since the Sunningdale agreement was signed in 1973 and proved to be an epic failure in the political history of Ireland and the United Kingdom. The Sunningdale agreement was an attempt by the United Kingdom to establish a power-sharing Northern Ireland Executive and a cross-border Council of Ireland. The agreement was meant to fail because the opposition from the political parties was emerging before it was even signed.

The Sunningdale agreement was the result of worse conditions in Northern Ireland due to the ongoing catholic protests and tragic events of Bloody Sunday. When Brain Faulkner, the Northern Ireland government head, failed to control the ongoing violence and strikes, the British government intervened and suspended the Northern Ireland government by imposing direct rule. William Whitelaw was the designated first secretary of state for Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland became a no-go area with the help of paramilitaries and IRA (Ireland Republic Army). Watching the situation getting worse, Whitelaw called a meeting of nationalists and unionist political parties for negotiation. Even before signing the agreement, the Unionist party faced various divisions that opposed the idea of power-sharing. Brain Faulker and his followers supported the joint efforts-based proposal but other party leaders from within the Unionist party opposed the idea. Those who agreed were called the pledged unionists and the disagreeing ones were known as unpledged unionists. 

The main reason why did the Sunningdale agreement fail essay is that Catholics along with Nationalists supported the idea of synergy while the Republicans and protestants disapproved of collaboration, thinking that the move was a form of reinforced partition. In the assembly elections, 29% of the pledged unionists won while the unpledged unionists surpassed them with a success rate of 32%. Brain Faulker was in a difficult position in uniting the unionists. The unpledged unionists represented their strong disagreement with the power-sharing negotiation. Despite the disapproval, the agreement was signed in 1973, in Sunningdale, England. The Council of Ireland was established to rule Northern Ireland. Nationalists agreed to this while unpledged unionists disapproved it as expected, stating that this was an attempt towards united Ireland. 

In response to the Sunningdale agreement, the vanguard party, the unpledged unionists, and the Orange Order, all gathered to establish the United Ulster Unionist Council (UUUC) that strongly opposed the Sunningdale agreement and power sharing. They strongly rejected Brain Faulker and the Council of Ireland. UUUC gathered the protestants and launched the strike campaign to protest against the power-sharing Sunningdale agreement. 

The Sunningdale agreement and the Council of Ireland faced another strong blow at the British general election. The election resulted in 11 of the 12 UC contestants winning the Westminster seats in Northern Ireland. The election further strengthened the position of the UUUC and opposition parties in the synergy agreement.

The Ulster Workers Council which replaced many conservatives in the Ireland government went on full strike against the Sunningdale joining efforts agreement. The strike gathered all the labor force of Northern Ireland and protested against the collaboration. Paramilitaries tried their best to control the strike or took measures to even encounter the protestants. The attempt to denounce the strikes by the Prime Minister further increased the determination of Protestants to abolish the power-sharing agreement. 

The government ordered the military to take control of fuel supplies to somehow put an end to the strikes. In response to this, UWC ordered a total shutdown for Northern Ireland. After watching the situation worsen, Brain Faulker knew that the authority-sharing agreement was no longer practical. He and his fellow unionists resigned and the power-sharing executive collapsed. The direct rule was re-imposed and the council of Ireland was ended. 

According to the essay help writer, that’s how the Sunningdale agreement failed and collapsed. The main reasons behind this were the Protestants, UWC, unpledged unions, and the strong disagreement of Northern Ireland to get united with the Republic of Ireland. The agreement was signed in the wrong circumstances and it met a well-expected end.

Crux of Sunningdale Agreement Failure Essay

Crux of Sunningdale Agreement Failure Essay

That was all about the background behind the “Why did the Sunningdale agreement fail” essay, the complications, and the main factors that led to the failure of the Sunningdale agreement. The agreement didn’t address the concerns of the opposition and that’s why the opposition put an end to it. Maybe if the government handled it well by listening to what the unpledged unionists were stating, the situation would have been different than how it ended.