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Which Statement is the strongest thesis for the writing prompt

How about the fact that a survey revealed 75% of academic tutors believe that the most common issue in student essays is a disconnection between the thesis statement and related arguments? Well, we want to see you in the top 25% of students who follow the secret writing prompts of thesis helpers while writing strong statements.

Which statement is the strongest thesis for the writing prompt 2

Tips of Strongest Thesis for the Writing Prompt 

Is it shocking to learn that approximately 90% of students receive no formal instruction on crafting effective thesis statements, contributing to widespread misunderstandings on their purpose and structure?

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Prompt for Strong Thesis 

How would you react if we told you that feedback on over 80% of draft papers requested revisions primarily to the thesis sentence for greater clarity and strength? Now you will rush to know which statement is the strongest thesis for the writing prompt, right?

Thesis Statement Cheat Sheet 

Nearly 9 out of 10 students struggle with the one sentence that can make or break their essay: the thesis sentence. But not anymore with our score sheet to tally time to time. Also, there is an open option to share it with essay helper of your choice to get on time guidance. 

Step 1: Subject + Opinion = Thesis Statement

  • Subject: What are you writing about?
  • Opinion: What do you think about the subject?

Combine them to form a thesis sentence.

Step 2: Make it Specific

  • Too Broad: “Social media has effects.”
  • Just Right: “Social media negatively affects teenagers’ mental health.”

Step 3: Include a Reason

Add why or how your opinion is true.

  • “Social media negatively affects teenagers’ mental health by increasing feelings of loneliness.”

Score Sheet

Use this simple score sheet to check the strength of your main statement. Give yourself 1 point for each question you answer “Yes.”


Your Score (0 or 1)

Is your subject specific?

[ ]

Do you clearly state your opinion about the subject?

[ ]

Have you included at least one reason supporting your opinion?

[ ]

Is your thesis statement one or two sentences max?

[ ]

Could someone argue against your thesis statement? (A good thesis often has a counterargument)

[ ]


  • 4-5 Points: Your thesis statement is strong.
  • 2-3 Points: It’s okay, but could be stronger. Review steps.
  • 0-1 Point: Go back to the cheat sheet and try again.

See, practice makes a man perfect. So students, whenever you are stuck into which statement is the strongest thesis for the writing prompt, use this cheat sheet + score sheet to refine your statements, and you’ll see improvement in no time!

Controversial Thesis Statement Writing Prompt Worksheet 

Step 1: Choose Stance + Reason = Thesis Statement

  • Choose Stance: What is your personal stance or opinion on the controversial topic?
  • Reason: Why do you hold this stance?

Step 2: Make it an Argument

You better keep the trick in mind, that a thesis has to be something you can argue about. So, make sure it’s not just stating an obvious fact. For instance, celebrity students with college degrees have more fan base than those who are without degrees? Well, this was on a lighter note. Now you will read the mind blowing ones! 

We have picked some 6 controversial topics at the moment;

  • Should the death penalty be abolished?
  • Is gun control effective in reducing crime rates?
  • Should marijuana be legalized for recreational use?
  • Legalization of abortions – a necessity.
  • Advanced education is the only way to make a perfect career.
  • Polygamy is inevitable even in developed society.  

Use these steps to craft thesis sentences from your examples.

Example Cheat Sheet

Controversial Topic



Thesis Statement

Death Penalty

Should be Abolished

It contravenes human rights

“The death penalty should be abolished because it contravenes basic human rights.”

Gun Control


It lowers crime rates

“Implementing stringent gun control reduces crime rates significantly.”

Legalization of Marijuana

Should Happen

For recreational use

“Marijuana should be legalized for recreational use to minimize the illegal drug market.”

Legalization of Abortion

A Necessity

Allows Women to Control Body

“Legalization of abortions is a necessity to ensure women have autonomy over their bodies.”

Advanced Education

Only Way

Make Perfect Career

“Obtaining advanced education is the only sure path to a successful career.”



Even in Developed Society

“Polygamy is inevitable and continues to occur, even within developed societies.”

Score Sheet

Score these thesis statements based on the following questions. Give yourself 1 point for each “yes”.


Score (0 or 1)

Did you state your stance clearly?

[ ]

Did you give a reason for your stance?

[ ]

Could someone argue against your stance?

[ ]


  • 3 Points: Well done! Your thesis sentence is argumentative and clear.
  • 2 Points: Good, but double-check your reason and stance.
  • 1 Point or less: Review the cheat sheet and try again.

Indeed, when you find “CONTROVERSIAL” in the answer of which statement is the strongest thesis for the writing prompt, then it can be challenging. However, you can streamline the process by utilizing this cheat sheet and scoring guide. 

Strong Thesis Statement Prompt Writing Challenges

Almost all of us are familiar with what troubles we can face in the strongest thesis for the writing prompt. So take these challenges that hone pro thesis sentence skills with a positive approach.

1. The One-Side Challenge

Take a controversial issue and argue one side in a single, convincing sentence.

2. The Devil’s Advocate

Write a main statement you personally disagree with but make it sound reasonable.

3. The Twitter Thesis

Limit your thesis statement to 280 characters, the length of a tweet, without losing clarity or punch.

4. The Layman’s Pitch

Try to explain your thesis statement to a fifth-grader. For this, do remove jargon and simplify complex ideas.

5. The Swap

Second last challenge is to be a partner with your fellow. Write each other’s thesis statements based on provided topics.

6. The Time Trial

Time yourself. How quickly can you draft a coherent main statement on a given topic?

7. The “So What?” Challenge

After writing your thesis, ask “So what?” This is to cross check that your core sentence explains why the topic matters.

We have shared these exercises to convert your questions, like if you ask what must a thesis statement be in order to be the most effective?

Then each of these exercises is designed to strengthen specific effective aspects of thesis sentence writing, such as brevity, clarity, argumentation, and audience awareness—all without overwhelming you with complicated terminology or concepts.

Hacks of Strongest Thesis Statement for Writing Prompt

These hacks are for universal writing prompt purposes, you know how? Suppose you are sending your research proposal to shortlisted best universities for teaching degrees, this criteria will help. You can cross check the main core sentence as per below hacks to leave the admission committee in awe.

Which statement is the strongest thesis for the writing prompt 3

Question to Statement Hack

For this you need to start with a question about your topic and then answer it. That answer is your thesis statement.

The “Roadmap Hack”

In this one, think of your hypothesis statement as a pathway of your argument. It should guide your reader to your conclusion.

The “Avoid the Obvious Hack”

Nobody likes the obvious thing. So make your statement interesting by avoiding obvious remarks. Go for unique insight!

For instance: What technique does the advertisement used to achieve its purpose? Then the crux would be “The ad cleverly manipulates nostalgia through retro imagery and vintage music, connecting the audience to positive personal memories that make the product seem like an old friend rather than a new choice.”

“Cut the Fluff Hack”

You are getting straight away to the point guideline in this blog, right? Nobody likes fluff. In the same way, trim extra words. More words do not always equal a stronger statement.

The “Power Verbs Hack”

Use strong, powerful verbs in your focus statement. They can make it more persuasive.

“The Stand Out Hack”

Writer needs to add unexpected or surprising claims to make the thesis memorable and thought-provoking.

For instance: Which statement is the strongest thesis for the writing prompt during World War 2? 

It’d be “The implementation of radar technology by the Allies during World War 2 was a pivotal factor in the Atlantic battles, significantly pushing naval defenses and marking a turning point in the Allies’ favor against the Axis powers.”

The “Counterargument Hack”

How about setting a strong base with potential counterarguments to your thesis? If you can’t think of any, your thesis might not be arguable.

Final Wrap Up!

What else is left? Our readers have all possible pros and cons for finding which statement is the best thesis for the writing prompt. As upon going above you will find highly useful controversial statement examples, cheat sheet benefits, scoring statistics, challenges, and solutions in an easy to understand manner.