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What Makes You Unique Essay

Have you ever sat by yourself and wondered what is unique in you? It is a natural human instinct to know what makes them distinctive. Many instructors are assigned to write what makes you unique to help you become more self-aware. Thus, check out this blog to get the best writing essay help on this topic so far. Also, discover what is unique about you with the help of opinions from people on the internet. 

How Do I Write What Makes Me Unique Essay?

Before we get to realise what makes you unique, let’s discover why it’s important to know what makes you special. Well, instructors assign this essay assignment to their students to evaluate how much the students know themselves. Understanding the unique qualities of the self makes them confident in achieving their personal goals and boosts their self-esteem. 

This question is also one of the most popular interview questions, and the chances of you encountering this question are always high. As per essay help writer, there are five things you need to know to write what makes you unique essay. 

  1. Things that make you happy
  2. Hobbies that you can spend hours on
  3. How you react to the different things
  4. Things that you outperform in
  5. What makes you stand out from the crowd? 

How Do I Write What Makes Me Unique Essay

6 Times People Discovered Something Unique About Them

To help you write what makes you unique essay, we have shared some prompts that you might relate with. Reading these responses will help you discover what you have that is unique and different in you. Without further delay, let’s look at what people on the internet have been saying regarding what makes them special and distinctive from others.

Being Prepared Is A Quality

Elwin shared his opinion: “I don’t think I have any extraordinary and special qualities. I am a normal boy trying to live a normal life. I try to do my best in everything I do, and I think that’s my special quality. I am always prepared and ready to make amends even when I am being forgetful sometimes.”

What do we learn from Elwin’s words for what makes me unique essay? It’s the quality of putting all your effort into doing your best. You don’t have to have superpowers or extraordinary talents to do incredible things; your speciality might be in the simplest things you do with absolute perfection. Like Elwin, maybe you are good at planning your activities, correcting your mistakes, and always being prepared for what life has in stock. 

Bonus Tip: While writing an essay, take care of middle school essay word count to stay precise and concise. 

Is Being Weird A Speciality?

Emily said, “What makes me special is that I can be really weird sometimes. I am talkative and annoy my friends till they end up laughing. I am active and full of energy. I am unique because I have a weird random side that no one around me has. I think I am very special in my own way.”

Emily gave us a very different insight into how one can be unique in one’s way. If you are being told by someone that you are the weirdest person they ever seen, turn it into a compliment because it makes you different. Being weird can be a part of your personality, and personality is what makes humans exciting and memorable. 

Being Determined Can Be Your Speciality 

When asked what makes him unique, Jamie replied, “ I am me, Jamie Chau, and I know I am special because there is only one of me on this planet. The quality of mine I took a lot of pride in is that once I am determined and have a goal, I will do everything I can to reach it.” 

You can highlight this determination factor too in the what makes me unique essay. Jamie’s speciality is indeed extraordinary because it’s not found in many people. Being strongly determined at something you want to achieve is impressive because most people give up when encountering pain, obstacles, and failure. If you are also very optimistic and determined for your goals, that can make you unique and different from many others. 

Leave a space for other unique qualities, so shortening your essay is also important to follow our next guiding points. 

Loving Turtles Makes Me Unique

Victor stated, “I am obsessed with turtles, and I know plenty about them. I think that makes me unique.” 

Well, Victor made us realize that your uniqueness can come from the animal you love. If you like some animals and have a lot of research about them, that makes you the special one to have that vast knowledge, which can be your unique quality. So feel free to mention in what makes you unique essay. You can talk for hours about it like no one can. 

Being Helpful Is a Speciality

Janice shared, “Something special about me is that I am fun to be around with and all my friends told me how approachable and helpful I am to everyone around me. I might not be well organized and a genius but I am always up to help anyone who will approach me with a problem. ”

In this selfish and cruel world, being kind and helpful to others is a rare and unique quality. You should look into yourself to understand how others perceive you and how you behave in certain situations. This can be your outstanding quality if you are helpful and open to discussion. 

Reading Makes Me Special

Derek shared his exceptional quality: “I love to read a lot. That is my specialty because I can read books all the time, even in the middle of class, and during a bus ride. When life gets good, I read, when life gets boring, I read.”

Reading is a talent because not everyone can have a passion for reading. It takes a lot of effort for some people to read a book. So, if you are a reader and can read everywhere, under any circumstances, you are elite. It really helps you understand all the instructions for tasks, and you get the best assignment writing help eventually because reading enables you to learn and explore different things from all over the world. 

Wrapping Up

That’s all; you made it to the end. Writing what makes you unique essay can be challenging, but it becomes effortless with the right approach and mindset. You need to be self-aware and have spare time for self-analysis to detect what makes you unique and stand out from the crowd. We have shared some popular responses from people on the internet, and by going through them, you can discover your speciality.