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What is a counterclaim?

Counterclaim is a statement opposing a main claim in an argumentative essay. These are the statements made by the other party in an argument. Counter claims are very important to cater to because they help prove the main statement and look into different points of view. Check out the best essay writer help to you know more about what is counter argument and how you can make it perfect.

What is A Counterclaim In An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay follows a central claim and argues to persuade the readers to agree with it. While defending one claim, one must also discuss the argument from the other side. The writer needs to provide details and prove what a counter claim is describing and why it is against your main thesis statement.

What is a counter claim

You need to reject the counter claim with logical reasoning and evidence to make your argument stronger. Believe us, if you do that, then this would be the right essay assignment writing help to win against another party with logic. While discussing the counter claim, the reader needs to consider the following three points.


After introducing the counterargument, you must gather evidence to help you answer the opposing counter claims. The counter claims might have arisen from other researchers, the general public’s perspective, or the results of previous research on the topic. 

That’s why you need to use a logical approach to answer all the counter claims and give a proper reason to reject them. This evidence section will determine the strength of your thesis statement because the better you defend your claim against the counter claim, the more persuasive your argumentative essay will become.


You must be very careful while transitioning from discussing your main argument to introducing the readers to the counter claim. Let’s say you are writing about faith, and it’s why I want to be confirmed essay; what will you do? You will provide proper reasons in a flow to enlighten others, too. Your transition from one point to another needs to be evident to avoid any confusion at the end of the reader. Please make sure to connect the sentences and show relevance between the central thesis statement and the counter claim. 


When it comes to working upon what is a counter claim in an argumentative essay, you need to provide the proper reasoning for how the evidence you provided is strong enough to reject the counter claim. Always use the updated, most accurate, and credible information. You need to have the proper reasoning for handling a claim without sounding biased and rigid to your readers.

2 Strategies You Can Use To Disapprove the Counter Claim

You can’t just start defending your statement against the counter claim because that will make the reader feel that your essay is too rushed and biased. That’s why you need to be very strategic in this matter. There are two most valuable strategies that you can use to handle a counter claim effectively. 

  • Point Out The Obvious Fault In Counter Claim

Talk about the obvious point of counter claim that is flawed and absolutely wrong. The counter claim might be strong due to misinterpretation, misunderstanding, and a long cycle of forced acceptance.

You can start by strongly disagreeing with it and pointing out its obvious flaws. You can also use the strategy to clear out the accuracy of your thesis statement and how the counter claim doesn’t make much sense.


Some teachers might argue that if students are given leverage due to their mental health issues, they might get lazy and mentally weaker. We heard about motivational speakers constantly forcing students to push through during their mental breakdown phase because, in their opinion, it builds them. But, the education system needs to understand that students’ mental health is a real issue, and they need serious help from their teachers and institutions because mental health kills a person inside. 

  • Provide New Evidence That Contradicts The Counter Claim 

We all have learned what is a counterclaim in an argumentative essay. However, there is a dire need to know the second most crucial factor of disapproving the next party’s claim. At first, agree with the counterclaim and the critical result of it. You need to explain how the counter claim is correct but then proceed to include some new research implications that contradict it. 

This strategy will help you handle the counterargument without appearing too biased and pushy. For this, you can use chat gpt to write an essay as well. It will make you appear accepting of the counter claim but expose the reasons that led you to reject it. It will provide proper reasoning to your reader as to why you are not considering the counterclaim and why it doesn’t defeat your thesis statement.

What is a counter claim


Although we agree with the claim that the earth is the only habitable planet and life seems to exist on our planet, the more we’ve researched into the cosmos and universe, the possibility of other extraterrestrial life is still there. We can’t be sure about us being alone in this universe because we still haven’t invented enough technology even to explore the other planets. 

According to many astronomers, life exists on other planets, but we humans need to change the definition of life. The organisms on other planets might have different patterns, phenomena, and forms of existence.  We must wait for enough resources, technology, research, and exploration to find the aliens.

Wrapping Up

It is not rocket science to understand what is a counter claim, but it is to understand it rightly. So this guideline justifiably provided all the main ways to learn it, present in your papers. Furthermore, side by side, our readers also learned how to take counter claims. 

And that’s the full scoop on counter claims! Explained simply, a counter claim is like a mini-debate in your writing. You make your point, then suppose someone else is arguing against it. This ‘someone else’ is the counter claim. We’ve gone over the main ways to learn it, include it in our writing, and deal with it like experts.