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What are the transition words for college essays

College essays are very important assignments because they help instructors to evaluate the skills, abilities, and knowledge of the students. The biggest challenge that students face while writing essays is the disconnection and irrelevance of one concept with another point of view.

What are the transition words for college essays

According to the standard writing essay help, there are plenty of transition words for college and school essays which help make the essay more comprehensive and cohesive. In this blog we are sharing the list of college level transition words for essays. 

Transition Words For Essays College

Good transition words for college essays help in uplifting the quality and  conciseness of your essay to a next level. There are plenty of concepts, points of views, and arguments one discusses in an essay and all of those points of discussion ended up being relevant to each other.  

Many essay writer helpers suggest that in an essay, one point should relate to the other point. One paragraph should be connected to the next paragraph because consistency will maintain your essay flow and help the reader to understand the essay context better. In the following section we have shared the list of transition words for essays college level.

Transition Words List For College Essays

A standard essay structure has three main parts: Introduction, body, and conclusion. There are transition words for all three parts of the essay which students can use to make their point across most comprehensively. 

College Transition Words For Essays (Introductory Paragraphs)

  1. This essay discusses
  2. To begin this study
  3. Generally speaking
  4. This study aims to
  5. The previous research has shown
  6. To be sure
  7. To put it differently
  8. The purpose of this research
  9. First of all
  10. Firstly
  11. Earlier in this topic
  12. As you can see
  13. In addition to the
  14. This paper will evaluate
  15. Once and for all

Example: This paper will evaluate the positive and the negative effects of larger families and smaller families. We are going to look into what type of family is more at advantage and find answers to whether the family size impacts the mental health of family members or not. 

College Level Transition Words For Essays (Body Paragraphs)

  1. Once and for all
  2. While
  3. Earlier
  4. Therefore
  5. Secondly
  6. Since
  7. Before
  8. Afterward
  9. Furthermore
  10. However
  11. Following
  12. Consequently
  13. After that 
  14. Next
  15. Initially
  16. Previously
  17. In the meantime
  18. Soon
  19. Simultaneously
  20. Later 
  21. To begin with
  22.  In response of
  23.  Eventually
  24. Currently
  25. Meanwhile

Example: Eventually schools transformed into big commercial hubs that focus more on making money than promoting learning. 

Good Transition Words For College Essays (For Conclusion Paragraph)

  1. On the whole
  2. To wrap up
  3. To Sum up
  4. To summarize
  5. Overall
  6. To restate 
  7. Ultimately
  8. In essence
  9. At the end
  10. Everything considered
  11. Finally 
  12. In Short
  13. All things considered
  14. Taking Everything in account
  15. At last

Example: At the end, the impact of artificial intelligence is not always negative as we see most people ranting about. It can have very positive outcomes if it’s utilized properly. Plenty of people tend to use chat gpt to write an essay and also make a living through AI and it gave boosts to so many small businesses as well. 

Transition Words For Essays College Level (For Adding Quotations and Synthesis)

  1. As Shown in
  2. As declared in
  3. As confirmed 
  4. As interpreted in 
  5. As stated in 
  6. As explained in
  7. This states 
  8. This acknowledges
  9. As mentioned 
  10. This leads to
  11. In this regard
  12. As noted
  13. Likewise
  14. The underlying 
  15. Taken account of 

Example: As shown in this study, women look for more emotional connection in a relationship while men go for more physical connection.

Transition Words For Essays College Level  (Argumentative Essay)

  1.  In order to
  2.  One alternative 
  3. At the same time
  4. To counter that 
  5. In response to
  6. Another thing is to
  7. Until
  8.  In another way
  9. On the other hand
  10. Mainly because
  11. Nonetheless
  12. Similarly
  13. Meanwhile
  14. Unless 
  15. Due to
  16. Because of 
  17. Nevertheless
  18. After all
  19. In the similar fashion
  20. Later in this regard
  21. In the same way
  22. As an illustration
  23. Ending with
  24.  However
  25. Therefore
  26. Henceforth
  27. At first 
  28.  Equally
  29. In Spite of 
  30. Instead 

Example: It’s a popular and most acceptable notion that music is subjective. At the same time we have talent shows that judges and evaluates a musician’s performance based on their liking. Also students have started quoting lyrics in papers to gain marks, they are more up to learning how to quote song lyrics in an essay, rather feeling it from the heart. 

College Transition Words For Essays ( Compare and Contrast Essay)

  1. In comparison
  2. Vice versa
  3. In contrast
  4. Because of this 
  5. Instead of this 
  6. Until and Unless
  7. So on and so forth 
  8. Next in line
  9. Went on and on
  10. Surprisingly
  11. Definitely 
  12. Evidently
  13. Comparatively 
  14. In fact
  15. Despite this
  16. Soon to be
  17. Comparing the 
  18. Briefly 
  19. Evidently 
  20. Comparatively 
  21. Once in a while 
  22. Because of this
  23. In the opposing analysis 
  24. The opposite of 
  25. Similarly

Example: Surprisingly, when pygmy seahorses were kept under observation within the purple corals, the color and outer skin of them transformed into purple color in order to camouflage into the given environment. 

Wrapping Up

Transition words for college essays are very crucial because they help in maintaining the coherence and the flow of context. They help in making sense of every potential point of discussion and emphasizing how it impacts the main argument of the essay.