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40 top Narrative Essay Topics for students

Let’s be honest here: picking an essay topic might be the hardest part of the writing process. Are you looking for topic ideas for your narration writing assignment? We have got your back with our exclusive write my essay help guide. We have listed some of the top narrative essay topics that you can use for your assignments and projects.

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What Is a Narrative Essay?

As the name suggests, this essay narrates a story in an essay format. It aims to share an experience. Writers can share their own stories and also overview another event or situation in a narrative tone of content. Such essays are usually written to share a message, impact, and perspective on a particular event or situation in life.

The writer can follow a storytelling approach to tell an incident that impacted them. The subject of the essay can be the writers themselves. These essays can overview the lives of other famous figures as well in order to evaluate their actions and how they impacted society. 

Personal Narrative Essay Ideas 

Do you want to share your experience in an academic essay? Good news. Personal essays revolve around the experiences and actions of the writers themselves. The primary purpose of personal essays is to share an incident and highlight the impact it left on the writer. 

Most authors write personal storytelling essays to convey a message or an inspiration that left a mark on their lives.They can also use the essay format and emotional sentiment to narrate a traumatic experience that changed their life. Let’s take a look at the topic ideas from popular essay writer helpers on the market.

  1. My first day at school
  2. The best marathon of my life
  3. The biggest failure of my life
  4. A favorite story from my youth
  5. How do I overcome my biggest fear?
  6. How getting lost became the biggest adventure of my life?
  7. Most traumatic traveling experience
  8. That one near death experience
  9. A little about my first love
  10.  How did I transform my embarrassment into confidence?

40 Best Narrative Essay Topics

Below we have shared some of the top narrative essay topics. You can pick any one of these that is most relevant to your assignment.

  1. The first flight of my life
  2. Most memorable traveling journey
  3. My perspective on world religions
  4. The incident that opened my eyes
  5. A movie that has everything I could ever ask for
  6. My discovery of the world 
  7. Dishes that I tried as a hostelite 
  8. My mental health crisis
  9. How my pet saved my life
  10. That one friend from High School
  11. The balance of healthy and unhealthy diet
  12. How do you not take everything personally?
  13. The shortcoming which killed me
  14. My schedule for the day
  15. The disease I fought
  16. The moment i wanted to kill myself, but I didn’t 
  17. My formula for getting back up after failing 
  18. Exploration during summer vacations
  19. A disastrous date 
  20. A trip I could never forget
  21. A takeaway from my childhood
  22. A school field trip
  23. A memorable journey 
  24. The Proudest moment of my life
  25. A family trip I will never forget 
  26. Most impactful person in my life 
  27. The day of life i want to go back 
  28. My first encounter with authorities
  29. A night at the hospital 
  30. My first win in the competition
  31. My art collection
  32. My productive hobbies
  33. How music changed my life
  34.  My hostel life experience 
  35. My last day at college 
  36. The most epic drama rehearsal in my college 
  37. How I deal with boredom
  38. What have I learned in my relationships?
  39. The incident that changed my perspective on life
  40. My favorite teacher 

Literacy Narrative Topics

Looking for some literacy narrative essay topics? The following section shares some unique topics you can incorporate into your assignment.

  1. Books That Taught Me A Lot
  2. A novel that emotionally broke me
  3. My favorite Poem
  4. My collection of books
  5. Books that are useless to read
  6. Books I regret reading
  7. The most psychologically disturbing book
  8. The best email I have ever received
  9. The best novel about realism 
  10.  The book which sparks my interest in reading 

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

Oh, We see a college student aboard, and it seems like your instructor has given the first story writing assignment. You might be wondering why they are such a big deal. The narrative approach in writing has always been used to tell stories and sway the audience. College students are at an educational level where they can interpret different situations and establish a perspective of the incidents.

Top Narrative Essay Topics 3

Storytelling essay assignment helps bring out the storyteller in students and allow them to share their personal perspectives. Such essays help showcase the narration and analytical skills of the readers. Let’s take a look at the top narrative essay topics for college students in 2024.

  1. The journey to find my passion
  2. A life changing experience of studying abroad
  3. Most significant transformation for college students
  4. A personal reflection on my career aspirations
  5. The ethical dilemma I faced in college 
  6. How Technology impacted my college education
  7. Best books i read in college 
  8. How physical education helped me in college
  9. Shaping my personal growth 
  10. The event that shaped my future
  11. Friends in college that i will never forget
  12. The betrayal made me stronger
  13.  How education made me self-aware 
  14.  How do I contribute to the society
  15.  Biggest decisions I have to make in my college

Fictional Narrative Essay Ideas

What is fiction, you may ask? So, fiction (It’s not only the Twilight Saga series, guys) is every piece of literary art that comes from imagination of the writer. For example, fictional books, stories, movies, and songs. It’s not always mandatory for the event you are narrating to be true. Sometimes, you have to imagine a situation and then write an essay using your creativity.

Top narrative essay topics are attention grabbing and they allow students to cover different ideas that aren’t even related to reality. Following are some trendy fictional essay topics from top assignment help writing service providers.

  1.  A house on fire
  2. The story of Cinderella, but my narration
  3. The night i spent on the road
  4. The time I got lost in woods
  5. Vampire and Me
  6. Why do I believe that unicorns exist?
  7. Once I found GIngerbread’s house
  8. Climbing the Everest
  9. The worst camping experience 
  10.  The world if stereotypes are non existent

Wrapping Up 

Cheers, buddy, you’ve successfully made it to the last. This blog was an exclusive guide to help you pick the top narrative essay topics for your assignments and projects. Always remember that storytelling essays represent you, so be mindful when you choose a topic to write.