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Synthesis Essay AP Lang

Ap language (Ap Lang) is an English language and composition exam that evaluates a student’s command and expertise through three synthesis essays. If you are preparing to take the AP Lang exam, you need to be ready for the essays. If you are not quite sure how they are written, then get the best writing essay help and know how to perfect your synthesis essays.

Synthesis Ap Lang

What is a Synthesis Essay AP Lang?

AP lang is an exam that is taken to evaluate the level of expertise one has in the English language. It’s an exam that comprises three synthesis essays that aim to test a person’s analytical skills and how accurately they put their personal thoughts, creativity and ideas in the essays. If you are preparing for an AP Lang exam, you need to put extra efforts in crafting the detailed, and credible synthesis essays. 

4 Pro Tips For How To Write an AP Lang Synthesis Essay

For Ap Lang Exam, you will be given several prompts and limited time to analyze, comprehend, and then write your essay in response to that prompt. It’s quite challenging to write three essays in a limited amount of time. Many students fall behind the deadline because they couldn’t analyze and then outline their essay quicker enough. That’s why we are sharing some pro tips on how to write synthesis essay Ap lang.  

TIP 1: Go Through The Prompt

How to write a synthesis essay ap lang? Well the very first thing you need to do is to read the essay prompt. Don’t get nervous and flustered with the clock ticking because without reading the prompt first, you won’t be able to craft your synthesis essay. You will achieve the following things by reading the prompt:

  • It helps you understand what kind of questions you will be answering in your essay
  • Reading prompts will enable you to read the sources strategically. 
  • It will give you an idea of the main argument, points, claims, facts, and opinions of the particular essay you will be writing. 
  • It will help you make an outline of the important points you will discuss. 
  • Reading prompts will enable you to have more knowledge about the background of the topic and what is the focus point you need to concentrate on. 

TIP 2: Highlight And Make Notes While You Read

You need to make notes while you read the prompt for synthesis essay ap lang. The same way you do while quoting lyrics in an essay, this essay also requires same level of focus. So  Usually you are recommended to spend 15 minutes on reading the prompt first. So in that short time you will be skimming through many things and reading quickly. That’s why you need to make notes in order to highlight the main points of discussion. Here is what you will achieve after highlighting and making notes:

  • It’s time saving because you will be utilizing the reading time to make an outline as well.
  • You will get a better understanding of the sources and what parts of the prompt will help in supporting your thesis statement. 
  • It will help you highlight the main points of discussion that will save you from the hassle of  rereading and finding one particular point in the entire essay prompt.
  • Helps you craft the paragraphs of your essay with important points of discussion to support your essay. 

TIP 3: Develop A Thesis Statement 

You need to develop a thesis statement to make your synthesis essay effective. After reading the prompt, decide on one thesis statement that will provide a direction to your synthesis essay.  Here is what a thesis statement by best essay help writer to get you:

  • It will make your essay focused and specific about one point. 
  • It will ward away all the irrelevant information. 
  • It will give you a position to defend, challenge, or evaluate the main argument of your synthesis essay. 
  • It will guide your essay in the right direction. 
  • It will arrange the outline and the main points of discussion of the essay. 

TIP 4: Focus On Your Delivery 

When you are done reading the prompts, highlighting the main points, and developing the thesis statement, what left is how you are going to deliver and organize what you have in your mind. Arranging all the points in a flow is very important because it will make your point of discussion very clear. That’s what you need to do:

  • Summarize the points of discussion from three of the seven sources given to you.
  • Interpret your evidence in the most simple and concise language. 
  • Incorporate the information from prompts in your essay and make it relevant to the thesis statement. 
  • Make sure that your delivery of essay points is cohesive and comprehensive for the readers. Be specific and do not use difficult language and jargon. 

Take Away

That’s all about the pro tips for synthesis essay Ap Lang. We have shared how you can make your essay effective and comprehensive in the limited amount of time given to you, incorporating the Tips Of Strongest Thesis to bolster your argumentation.