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6 Statement Best Describes The Introduction Of An Argumentative Essay

6 Statement Best Describes The Introduction Of An Argumentative Essay. The introduction of an argumentative essay determines how compelling an essay is for the readers. Every writing essay help guide suggests that introduction is a crucial part of an essay and it can be very challenging as well. In this following blog, we are going to discuss some of the statements that best describe the introduction of an essay and how you can utilize them in your argumentative essay. 

Which Statement Best Describes The Introduction Of An Argumentative Essay

What do you first read when you encounter an essay? It’s undoubtedly the introduction. All the professional essay writer helpers suggest that the success of your essay depends on how well you have written the introduction of your topic. Introduction is a vital part of an essay because it introduces your topic to the target audience and sparks their interest in it. 

Which Statement Best Describes The Introduction Of An Argumentative Essay

The introduction is your only chance to grab their attention and hook them till the end of an essay. If you fail to compellingly describe your topic in the introduction, your audience will shortly lose interest in your writing. Below, we have shared some of the statements that best describe the introduction of an argumentative essay. 

  • “Education Should be a right, not privilege.”– Senator Bernie Sanders 

Only if we have the record of how many brilliant minds left studies because they can’t afford it, will we get to know how much of a big loss we underwent as a society. In this study, we are going to discuss why higher education should be free and what impact it will have on society and the economy. 

  • Online learning and AI is the future of academics and educational standards. 

With the advancement of technology, more than 71% of academic institutes are providing online and long distance learning. Technology has made it easy for students from one corner of the world to get education from top professors from the other corner of the world. In this study, we are going to discover the future of online education and why to use chat gpt to write an essay or related work from students point of view and evaluate if it’s more impactful than traditional learning. 

  • Student-athletes uplift school, but school pulls them down.

The irony is that schools make billions from college games but student athletes can’t afford a meal off campus. This is a type of exploitation that we don’t talk about much as a society. But not anymore; we have compiled this study that takes account of the revenue institutes make every year out of sports but never pay a penny to the athletes who earn them.

  • Tight Schedules Impact not only physical but also mental health. 

Have you ever seen the Earth spinning faster than it should be? Have you ever seen a horse that keeps running without a break? Absolutely no. Everyone in this world has an internal clock that directs our body to perform actions throughout the day. If one exhausts themselves and utilizes their body to do more work than recommended, severe consequences will follow. 

Examples That Best Describes The Introduction Of An Argumentative Essay 

In the following section, we have shared two examples that will help you learn how to best describe the introduction of an argumentative essay. 

Example 1: 

  Has TikTok Contributed to Short Attention Span In People?

By the end of 2023, 30.25% of the 5.3 billion internet users are utilizing their time on tiktok. The quick spark in these statistics shows people’s interest, especially the young generation, in watching the short span videos. Now, the viewers for shorter videos are much larger than those on popular streaming platforms. People find it beneficial to get enough information in a 30 second video rather than watching something for hours for one piece of information. In this study, we are going to see how the TikTok era has contributed to the short attention span of people of all ages.

Example 2:

Is the Education System Failing Teens?

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Albert Einstein

Even in 2024, we have the same standard of education that we had a hundred years ago. Everything has been evaluated, but the system that should be most innovative is still stuck somewhere in the past. The unrealistic standards of education that are set to be met by the students are so outdated that they only burden students instead of maintaining quality education. Students born with different talents and interests are all sitting in one room and being judged on the hard grading system that will label them stupid and a loser if they don’t fit the standard. 

Topics That Best Describes The Introduction Of An Argumentative Essay

To write the best essay, you need to pick an interesting topic of discussion as well. If you are not confident enough, there are plenty of assignment help writing services that will help you write the best essays. Below, we have shared a precise list of topics that will make for some great introductions for an argumentative essay. 

Examples That Best Describes The Introduction Of An Argumentative Essay 

  1. Should plastic be banned from everywhere?
  2. Why students shouldn’t be given internet success
  3. Why should selling cigarettes be illegal?
  4. Why facebook needs to be banned
  5. How PUBG is impacting Teenagers’ minds
  6. Potential solutions to stop water pollution
  7. How can climate change be handled?
  8. Why is preserving nature such a big deal?
  9. Water scarcity problems and their solutions
  10.  How can we decrease air pollution and promote air purification?
  11.  Why is saving trees so important?
  12.  The Negative effects of Deforestation
  13.  Why do school athletes need to be paid?
  14.  Why is time management so important?
  15. Self goals: 10 years from now I see myself essay!
  16.  Does being in a relationship guarantee happiness?
  17.  How does unemployment increase the crime rate?
  18.  How does plastic pollution contribute to animal extinction?
  19.  How does fashion create a market for unnecessary items?
  20.  Why does the General sales tax need to decrease?
  21.  Why is ocean exploration necessary?
  22.  How do books contribute to society?
  23.  Which profession is mandatory in the world?
  24.  How do we lower the TikTok obsession among teenagers?
  25.  Why do people love true crime documentaries?
  26.  Why is human rights awareness so important?
  27.  Do we have freedom in this world?
  28.  How does the government exploit people at a higher level?
  29.  Do mine workers need to be paid more?
  30.  Why are diamonds so overrated?
  31.  Why should Teachers be evaluated as well?
  32.  Why do teens need to be encouraged to do jobs?
  33.  Is it important to have a life goal?
  34. How to understand what is a counterclaim being a student? 
  35.  How does community service help discipline students?
  36.  Why do we need to stop idolizing celebrities?
  37.  How does bullying impact student performance?
  38.  Why does tik tok need to be banned?
  39.  Impact of drugs and weed
  40.  Why students are on the risk of suicide?
  41.  Is online shopping better than traditional shopping?
  42.  Why is cyberbullying increasing?
  43.  Why are people on social media so judgmental?
  44.  Is youtube safe for kids?
  45.  How to prevent identity theft?
  46.  Is social media beneficial to some extent?
  47.  Why is the internet harmful?

Wrapping Up

Understanding which statement best describes the introduction of an argumentative essay is very important because it will help you create a powerful impact through your words and also compel the readers to understand your essay.