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Persuasive Death Penalty Essay Sample For Best Assignment

Students are usually asked to write a persuasive death penalty essay in order to share their points of view and perspectives on such a sensitive topic. The following blog is the writing essay help for a persuasive essay on death penalty and a perfect example to find out the different aspects of capital punishment.

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Death Penalty Persuasive Essay

Death penalty or capital punishment is one of the most controversial topics around the world. There are different degrees of crime, and criminal courts give punishments according to the severity of the crime. The death penalty is the final and most gruesome punishment that takes away the right to live from the convict. To be very clear, any criminal who’s involved in a crime in which death occurs is eligible for the capital punishment.

The following essay sample from pro essay writer helpers will give you a clear idea of what a persuasive death penalty essay is and how to attempt it.

Essay Example:

Why Is the Death Penalty Not Justified?

According to a survey in 2020 that was conducted among 5109 US adults, 65% of US citizens favored the death penalty for people convicted of murder, while the rest of 35% opposed it. Capital punishment continues to be a disputed matter in the public. Human rights activists have repeatedly spoken about how the death penalty takes away the right to live from an individual, and it doesn’t even compensate for the loss of victims. This persuasive death penalty essay aims to explore the opposition that has increased over the years and why this punishment isn’t justified. 

The number of people supporting the death penalty drastically decreased after 1991, when Ray Krone was falsely convicted of murder. He spent a decade in prison on death row until a DNA test proved his innocence. The Krone case changed the perspective of people regarding capital punishment and how a false accusation can take away the right to live from someone. According to recent surveys, nearly 78% of Americans stated that the risk of an innocent person being killed by the death penalty is higher than that of an actual criminal. 

The supporters of the death penalty argue that it keeps society safe by executing dangerous individuals once and for all. The opposing claim rejects this statement by saying the law should exist to protect society and that the death penalty puts many innocent individuals on death row. Once an innocent is executed, there is no way to compensate for the loss afterward if the innocence is proven. 

Many opposing claims argue that racism is going to get the most out of the death penalty because black people are more likely to be convicted than white criminals. It has been seen and observed that historically, more black people were sentenced to capital punishment than white people. There is a high chance that judges will be biased to convict blacks more than whites. According to this survey, 78% of Americans think that capital punishment is going to be not only morally but ethically wrong as well. This survey is very helpful to get assignment help in order to compare and contrast death penalty supporting and opposing claims. 

One of the strongest opposing claims is that the death penalty doesn’t reduce crimes, and that’s why it needs to be banned. If criminals know that they will be given an easy escape from suffering after a short trial, that is less likely to stop them from committing crimes. People involved in gruesome crimes like murder won’t be terrified by capital punishment. That’s why it’s useless to give the criminal an escape instead of life imprisonment.

The supporting claims emphasize that the death penalty is the only morally justified punishment for convicts who have murdered someone. At the same time, the opposition pressures capital punishment to be not completely morally justified because death doesn’t compensate for the grief of victims and families. But this is the point where the opponents slightly agree with the supporters, and that led to the results of a survey which shows 77% of Americans think that the death penalty is only justified for those convicted of murder but morally wrong for other capital crimes. 

Another opposing claim to the death penalty states how criminals on death row get publicity from the press and documentaries. Popular serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, and Richard Ramirez got popularity out of their biopics and are well-known for their crimes. The general public knows more about them instead of the victims they put through immense pain. Such fame encourages other people to commit the same crimes in order to become a celebrity.

The biggest claim of opponents is that everybody has a right to life, and no one, even the organizations and courts, has the right to take the life of a human being. Opponents claim that how can society commit the same act of taking life as the criminal who murdered innocent individuals? Taking a life for a life does not justify the loss of a victim and also doesn’t add much to the pain of the victim’s families. Opponents put pressure on the point that life imprisonment without parole is the best punishment to let criminals suffer for their actions.

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There are plenty of serial killers and criminals who reported how much they have suffered during their imprisonment and how much they have lived in constant fear. It shows how much imprisonment impacts the well-being of the criminal and is much more effective in making them suffer for their actions rather than giving them an easy escape by execution. Also, capital punishment is not effective in lowering crime rates, so the overall purpose of it has gone. 

At last, the death penalty does not justify the trauma criminals put the victims through, and it only benefits the criminals seeking an escape from suffering. The state should focus on implementing effective punishments that deliver justice to the victims and families affected by the crime. Life imprisonment without parole should be preferred because once the criminals will be isolated, far from their own families, unable to justify the effects of their actions, and have to live the rest of their lives in jail, that’s when the real suffering will begin. Life imprisonment has shown more positive outcomes regarding the prisoner’s remorse, repentance, and rehabilitation.  

End Note

A persuasive death penalty essay must be compelling enough to captivate the readers and keep them interested by including factual information and logical evidence. Capital punishment is a serious matter, and you need to be very careful while making a statement, whether it’s opposing or supporting.

The most credible sources for the persuasive essay on death penalty are the surveys and case studies that give actual insights into what the public thinks about this matter. We’ve shared one sample of a death penalty persuasive essay in this blog, and you can go through it to understand the pattern, tone, nature, and flow of such essays.