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National Honor Society Essay

If you stumbled upon this blog, we know you are trying to get into the National Honor Society. To get accepted into the NHS as a member, you need to submit an essay to represent your skills and knowledge. This blog will serve as a best writing essay help by detailing all the fundamentals of the national honor society essay and how you can craft it with perfection. 

What is the National Honor Society?

The National Honor Society (NHS) is one of American high schools’ latest, oldest, and widely renowned co-curricular organizations. 1.4 Million students are members of this prestigious organization, and many more students struggle to become members of it. It was founded by Dr. Edward Rynearson, a member of the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), the parent organization of the NHS.

national honor society essay

As per the valuable analysis of essay writer helpers the primary purpose of the NHS is to create and maintain enthusiasm for scholarships and education in general, to stimulate the desire to render service, and to help students become leaders by developing strong character. NHS basically works on balancing academics and athletics while putting more focus on the high school as the foundation of democracy. It required community services and demonstrated leadership.

The perks of being a member of the NHS are extensive. Once you are a member, you are sharing your future with the community and network of future leaders and ultimate intellects of the world. Past NHS members are now astronauts, senators, neurosurgeons, musicians, actors, nobel prize winners, military generals, Navy admirals, authors, and philanthropists. It gives students the right direction toward a brighter future.

Nhs Essay Examples

We have shared some samples below to help you with your National Honor Society essay. You can go through them to get an idea of what your NHS Essay is going to look like and what you should add to it.

Sample 1 

Becoming an NHS member is an honor and it really helps in developing and exuding leadership qualities within the academic setting. My determination and my ultimate goals keep me going and wanting to become a representative of this society. I do not only think but believe that I will be an excellent fit for this society because I made myself most deserving with my hard work, dedication, and constant struggle. Even though difficulties always surrounded me, I never lost my true identity, remained true to myself, and exhibited a positive attitude. In 10 years from now I see myself becoming a great leader and successful person. 

There are plenty of qualities that make a leader, but in my opinion, the determination and constant struggle to keep going in the middle of hardship and success is what makes a great leader. I can manage many things at a time and take the lead when given the opportunity. My biggest weakness as a leader would be the inability of me to put my thoughts into action. My head is constantly filled with ideas, but I need clarification when it comes to making them a reality. That’s why I have a habit of writing down my thoughts, planning them thoroughly, and taking my time to make them to perfection. After being a valuable part of the NHS, I will be able to polish my skills even further and overcome all the weaknesses I have.

Now let’s move toward new NHS essay examples!

Sample 2

Being a leader is one of the pillars of the NHS, and I genuinely believe I am a leader. What makes me think so? Well, it’s my experience as the sports captain of my school’s basketball team that I am sharing in this national honor society essay.  I led my team to victories multiple times and also showcased my leadership abilities alongside my athletic skills. During my last year at school, I also got the opportunity to organize an entire tournament with the sports management committee. The grand success of that project further strengthened my belief in my potential. I am always the person people can rely on.

I am very fond of traveling and have met hundreds of people on my way. I got the chance to see people, learn languages, and appreciate cultures. It all added up to my experience and increased my thinking abilities. While traveling, I know how to live alone. That might sound typical or not very important, but hear me out: learning to love alone is not just moving out of your parent’s house; it’s a way of life where you need to be active and productive enough for your own survival. It’s a constant struggle to preserve resources and their usage and work harder to fulfill one’s own needs. I am building my skills with every passing day, and everything I experience has made me the person I am. I would love to be a member of the NHS because I believe my skills are going to be a great addition to society.

Sample 3

You can use this sample for writing national honor society essays anytime. 

I am an artist who believes that he can create magic with a paintbrush. My creative abilities and the confidence to show them to the world made me believe I could be a great addition to the NHS. I am very passionate about the things I am involved in. I have a strong drive for success and freedom. I am a problem solver and tend to observe and evaluate a situation to find the best solution for it. I am always filled with great ideas and know how to put my thoughts into action. I learned this skill from my painting abilities, where I used my imagination and painted a picture in my head on the canvas. My greatest weakness is that I try to multitask alot and end up being stressed. I truly believe that being a part of the NHS will help me polish my skills and abilities even further and teach me to overcome my weaknesses and shortcomings.

Above mentioned samples resonate the writers’ ideas, experiences, and what makes them worthy enough to be a part of the NHS. If you are still confused about how to write a national honor society essay, reach out to our assignment writing help for professional assistance.

6 Pro Tips For Crafting National Honor Society Essays

National Honor Society application essays can be very challenging, and plenty of students don’t get accepted due to not writing up to the mark essays. The National Honor Society paper determined your membership in one of the world’s largest student organizations. It’s basically your future on the line, and you need to write the best essay of your life to be able to get membership. 

In the below section, we have shared some of the most functional and valuable tips that will surely get you to the NHS membership. 

1. Keep In Mind The NHS Pillars While Structuring The Essay 

The best way to write an acceptance worthy essay is to structure your essay while keeping all the NHS pillars in mind. The primary pillars are Scholarship, community service, leadership, and character. Each pillar indicates an aspect of who you are, like a High GPA will indicate scholarship, and other pillars will indicate your ultimate goals, personality, and nature.

national honor society essay

You need to be accurate about your academic success and all the community work you’ve ever done in your national honor society essay. It will establish an expression of how much of a valuable citizen you are. You need to demonstrate your character through your way of words, and behavior.

2. Be Yourself And Write Your Heart

A national honors society essay is all about telling how much of a leader you are and how much you’ve sorted out your life. You will not need to add false claims into it, nor will you receive counterclaims. As some students start digging into learning what is counterclaim, which is a good thing too. But this one is going to be a very personal essay, and it should be written directly from your heart. It should reflect on your personal thoughts, authentic experiences, emotions, and perception of the world. Essays with a personal touch are more likely to be accepted in the NHS.

3. Tell Your Story

One thing to keep in mind for national honor society application essays is that don’t make a list of things that the world typically expects a person of your age to achieve. It would help if you were true to yourself. You need to tell your story and what makes you worthy enough to be a member of the NHS. Don’t be too formal, and be free to share your interests that reflect your personality.

You need to gather all the essential and notable events in your life, and what you learned from them and how you incorporated them in your life. Events that don’t have a significant impact in shaping your life, you need to ignore them in your National honor society essay. 

4. Be Aware Of The Audience

Your target audience is the school faculty members who will evaluate your essay and decide whether to consider you for membership or not. You need to customize your essay according to what your audience is expecting from you. The tone of your essay needs to be respectful, charismatic, formal, and polite. Refrain from using inappropriate humor and social media slang in your nhs essay because they will make you look rude and immature.

5. Brainstorm

You need to brainstorm ideas, thoughts, and the central focus of your essay. There is an option to use chat gpt to write an essay as well. But still you can’t expect your essay to stand out if you’ve written it overnight in a rush. In Spite of taking help of a tool, still you need to write down all the thoughts in your mind regarding your essay. Start writing your essay using all those points and determine where one point fits and makes the best impact and where it seems unnecessary and forced. Revise and keep going back to make your essay concise and emit irrelevant information. 

6. Make It Cohesive

While writing all the potential events and points of your life, you need to be careful about the transitions of words and connectivity between paragraphs and sentences. Make sure that all the sentences are in sequence and preserve the flow of the national honor society essay. The transitions words need to be in their perfect position so that they can make sense and uplifted the essay content to perfection. Set a theme for your essay and stick to it throughout the process to maintain the flow of ideas and words. 

End Note

A national honor society essay determines your membership to one of the most prestigious organizations. That’s why try to keep your essay formal, accurate, and well structured. Don’t be too afraid to share your mind, thoughts, and also struggles you went through in your national honors society essay. Write it from your heart so it can captivate the reader.