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Is College Like High School?

Approximately 69% of individuals who graduate from high school pursue a college degree. Many students believe that obtaining a college education and degree can significantly improve one’s chances of finding a job and increasing their earning potential.

As per the research, in the past few years 83% of individuals with a bachelor’s degree were employed, while 68.8% of high school diploma holders were employed, based on information from the College Board and U.S. Census Bureau.

So, if you are transitioning from high school to college, assessing the differences between the two is important. That will help us understand is college like high school or not.


% of American Students

Can’t afford a college degree 


Need a degree to find work


Don’t want to enroll in college


Didn’t need more education 


Didn’t think they would enroll in college


How is College Different from High School? 

Let’s try to understand the key differences between high school and college from a student’s perspective. These will open up your mind on a question such as ‘is college like high school, so let’s get to know them all. 

1. Your Responsibilities are Different 

In college, you are fully responsible for yourself without your parents being there. Here you will not have somebody to remind you about attending a class. You will have to put effort into clearing and neatly folding your clothes overnight and also have to cook food for yourself. A very significant difference between highschool and college. 

2. College Will Keep You on the Right Course 

Unlike highschool, you will be engaging with interesting learning opportunities that will guide you toward a meaningful future. That’s one big reason why college is better than high school. Like you could think of things such as 10 years from now I see myself or set more realistic goals. 

3. Experience of Living in a Hostel or Dom 

In college, you have to live in a dorm which has its ups and downs. You will be interacting with a variety of people and making random connections just by being in a small living space. However, you may also feel overwhelmed to share a small living area with a roommate. 

4. You Are The Decision Maker

Still thinking is college like high school, you won’t after reading this point. In college, you are free to make your own choices but you must also take responsibility for them. Here you have all the freedom which itself is a pleasant sensation. So being a highschool student, if you ask yourself is college better than high school, you will certainly say yes! 

5. You Have More Free Time in College 

When you are in high school, you would spend 30 to 40 hours a week at school. It gets to 70 or 90 hours per week when combined with breaks and other extracurricular activities. In college, you will have a lot of free time available to balance the extra work and more. Most college students invest their time in learning extra skills like good writing and more. That is why you’ll often see college graduates with good writing skills and others. 

6. You Will Meet New People 

Differences between high school and college aren’t just limited to academics but also extend to the kind of people you will be meeting. College offers the opportunity to explore new paths and meet a diverse range of people. This includes individuals who share similarities with you, those who are different, and some you may not wish to interact with, reflecting the diversity of life on a larger scale. 

“Those were some key differences clearing is college like high school or not. Below are some other differences that will also let you understand how is college different from high school or the difference between high school and college.”

Other Differences Highschool vs College

The college offers exceptional opportunities for your personal growth. You have the opportunity to determine who you are exactly and what you want to achieve in your life. Here you will develop some new passions and goals to achieve. Some other differences between a college and high school are as follows. 

1. Support System is Different 

You get a strong support system in high school from your teachers and colleagues. On the contrary, in college students are expected to be more independent. Support from others might also be limited from others unless you are facing an academic probation or more. Another good reason for why college is better than high school.

2. Familiarity 

You will be more familiar with most people in high school. But in college, you typically know a small fraction of the student body. The scenario could be different when you are attending a liberal arts school. 

3. Opportunities to Take the Wrong Turn 

One big difference between highschool and college is that in college you will just hear about drugs and parties. But in college, you can actually take part in them, which is not advised by the way. 

4. Communication Differences 

You don’t have to communicate more often with your teachers in high school. However, in college, you must strive to establish a good relationship with your teachers so they help you with your grades and more. 

5. Independent Living 

In high school, you would want to leave home and become independent. However, once you are in college, you may have feelings of homesickness and more.

6. Assignment Completion

You must have a thorough answer to the most asked question, is college like high school? But there are some more differences coming your way. Completing high school homework assignments will positively impact your grade. However, in college, the final grades in certain fields of study may be based solely on exams. That’s why most students also rely on excellent assignment writing help online. 

7. Notes Taking 

There’s also a big difference between taking notes in high school and college. You will have to write long notes by hand in college which could be challenging due to the fast-paced nature of the lectures. 

8. Extra Credit 

In high school, you will not care about taking advantage of extra credit opportunities. In contrast, you will repeatedly request your professor to give you additional assignments to improve your grades. 

9. College Life is Tough 

This is one big difference between a high school and college life. In high school you may think that life could be challenging in college. Once you are in college, you will believe that your life has reached its end.

End Notes

No doubt, high school and college share some basic elements ranging from classes, activities, and more. Yet so many students stuck in loophole of thoughts: is college like a high school or not? Is it different? However, the two differ very much when it comes to responsibility, freedom, personal growth, focus, and others.

You must know that college is a very unique and important phase of life that prepares you to take on the challenges of the adult world. That’s what this interesting highschool vs college debate was all about, highlighting the difference between high school and college in great detail.