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How to Use Chat GPT to Write an Essay?

How to Use Chat GPT to Write an Essay? There is another thing that revolves around college student’s mind like nightmares other than exams, it’s the essay writing assignments. It’s not hard to find students agonizing over the piling up of essays and struggling to excel them. Amidst this chaos, Chat GPT came for students’ rescue with their AI features.

Chat GPT made it easy for students to write their essays and complete their assignments. If you are not quite sure how to use chat GPT to write an essay, this blog is for you. We are providing you with a detailed step by step guide on how to get chat GPT to write an essay.

How to Use Chat GPT to Write an Essay
How to Use Chat GPT to Write an Essay

What is Chat GPT?

Developed by OpenAI, a company founded by Elon Musk and a few other entrepreneurs, Chat GPT is an advanced language model that uses artificial intelligence to understand and generate human-like text. Chat GPT can create and write anything once the input is given. It received shocking success globally due to its flexibility and swift working process. Many businesses and students use it to get their work done.

Steps On How to Use Chat GPT To Write an Essay 

With the advancement of technology and introduction of AI, studies have become much easier. Chat GT assists students in writing and creating anything they want but with the right strategies and steps. Following are some easy steps that students can follow in order to write a perfect essay through chat GPT.

Step 1: Pick A Topic

The very first step is to pick a topic to write an essay about. If you are assigned a topic by your teacher then the first step is already solved. But if you are choosing a topic by yourself, then you need to opt for a topic that is relatable and interesting. Choose something you are truly passionate about. You can also ask Chat GPT to give you topic ideas.


  • What are some topics for travel blogging? Give me some unique topics with one theme by acting like a pro creative idea generator.

Step 2: Gather Information

A big mistake students make while using chat GPT is that they tend to put all the work on the AI without even researching the topic themselves. Chat GPT is a software and it has a high tendency to make mistakes if you don’t double check it.

That’s why, once you are done choosing a topic, you need to gather information regarding it from credible sources like published journals, articles, books, and websites. You should have your research complete so you can spot mistakes and errors in the chat GPT created outline.


After gathering the information now make your key points first and then modify the below mentioned prompt.

  • Here are ABC key points related to (add topic/title name) now you need to summarize the whole idea or you need to create an executive summary etc.
  • Or you can ask Chat GPT to make a list more well organized for you.

Step 3: Create An Outline

Now that you have gathered information regarding the topic, you need to tell Chat GPT to create an essay outline for you. Since Chat GPT has a character limit, you can’t just ask it to write you an essay. Once you have the AI created outline, go through it to detect any mistakes and errors.

Prompt (Salwa)

Suppose you are writing literary essay, then feed topic and main point in Chatgpt and ask it to create an outline by this;

  • Here is my topic, and I am about to write a literary essay on this. Now you have to act as a pro literary expert and by using my ABC key research points you have to give me an outline. The outline must be able to fulfill my 1,500 words of essay requirements.

Step 4: Organize Your Content

Now that you have the outline prompt created by Chat GPT, copy paste it in your word document. Next you need to do is to arrange and organize the content in the outline. You can eliminate relevant points. Outline all the points in a proper order to create a clear and concise content.

Prompt (Salwa)

  • I am pasting my arranged content to take your opinion. Is this organized version fine or do I need to make changes in it?

Step 5: Generate Content

Now you can start writing the content according to the outline. Use the points mentioned in outline for asking Chat GPT to create the relevant content. You can also give some instructions to AI like creating funny and engaging content. You can also tell Chat GPT to customize the content tone and style.

Prompt (Salwa)

  • I am adding section one from my essay which is the introduction part. Now you need to provide 200 words in an academic tone with a hook and theme statement.

Step 6: Add Content To Your Doc File

Now copy and paste the Chat GPT created content into your Google Doc or MS Word file. Go through the AI generated content to cross check whether all the listed information is correct or not. Due to the character limit in Chat GPT, you need to input the headings from outline one by one to get the content generated. Keep copy pasting the generated content in your Doc file.

Step 7: Proofread and Edit

Now that you have all the content generated and pasted on your doc file, you can take your time to proofread it and edit it to eliminate any spelling errors, sentence development errors, grammar mistakes, repetitive sentences, and irrelevant information. Make sure that the content of every section is relevant and connected to each other.

You need to check whether the content meets your requirements and the guidelines of your professor. If you want to save time and are also scared of your professor detecting AI in your work, reach out to our essay writer helpers to get a perfect, real, original essay.

End Note

This blog is a comprehensive step by step guide on how to use chat GPT to write an essay. Even though Chat GPT is a quick and effortless platform to generate any kind of content, it’s not perfect. You can use it to generate essays but it’s always recommended to have your research on the topic complete, so that you can detect and avoid errors and mistakes.


Can I use Chat GPT to write essays?

Yes, chat GPT is an advanced language model that can be used to write content on any topic. You just have to input the instructions and textual command to let the AI know what you want in your content.

Can you use ChatGPT for essays?

With the perfect topic and comprehensive instructions, Chat GPT can be used to generate marketing content, computer code, business emails, important curriculums, and entire academic essays on any subject possible on the planet in a matter of seconds.

Can I use chat GPT to rephrase?

Yes, you can use Chat GPT to rephrase text to save yourself from plagiarism of quotes and important texts.