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How to Start a Comparison Essay

Comparison essays are one of the popular essay types that are assigned to students all around the world. Such essays help evaluate the students’ reasoning and analytical skills. It requires a sheer amount of skill and practice to write a comparison essay with best reasoning and logical support.

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Are you new to writing comparison essays? We’ve got your back. This exclusive blog is a writing essay help guide on how to start a comparison essay and we have also shared some examples to enhance your learning.

How To Start A Comparison Essay Introduction 

Opposing the popular saying “All is well when the end is well” because in comparison essay, all is well when the start is well. It’s very important to show your dedication towards the topic in the introduction so the audience can feel the passion in your arguments and discussion.

Introduction of your essay is the only chance to hook the audience and convince them to read your essay. In this section we are going to share some of the basic requirements shared by essay writer helpers around the world on how to start a comparison essay introduction. 

You would have 4 elements ready for your intro para; the right topic, then evidence to back up your topic, thesis statement to use within the intro, and goal or research question to inform the reader.

Do follow the process of gathering key requirements to start a pro level compare essay intro;

  • Pick a topic you are passionate about. Yes, you need to choose a topic you relate with and feel passionate about. 
  • Before starting an essay you should have a clear idea about essential details of the topic.
  • Then you need to identify what your thesis statement will be for the essay because the entire context is going to revolve around it. 
  • Lastly, you need to establish a goal for your research paper to determine what you are working for and what your essay will achieve. 

How To Start Writing A Comparison Essay 

After the introduction, now you are all set to start your comparison essay. For that you need pro tips for you to make your comparison essay start off perfectly.

1. Read through the material

You need to take your time to thoroughly read the reading material you are assigned to compare and contrast. Never start off without having the absolute clear idea of what is asked from you and what is the topic you are dealing with.

2. Analyze the Data

After you are done reading, you need to take some time off to gather your thoughts and brainstorm ideas regarding the given topic. You have to find the potential points of discussion that you can incorporate in your essay. 

3. Building the Roadmap with Outline

You need a comprehensive outline by arranging all the points of discussion, main arguments, and supporting information. Outlining the points helps you maintain the natural flow of ideas and supporting information. 

4. Start Off Your Essay

You are done with the basic outline that is needed before starting your essay. Now finalize the structure of your essay by dividing it into three standard parts. First ir Introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Structuring your essay also helps in covering all the important points without missing anything. Then while writing you can add content within standard sections. 

How To Start A Comparison Essay Example 

Below we have shared two examples of how to start a comparison essay. These examples are for your assignment essay help and assistance. You can go through them in order to know how to attempt your essay. 

Example 1:  

Power Battle of United States Vs Russia

“The human beast desires power, and the thirst for power breeds chaos.”

_ Mr. Forbes.

The most destructive trait that humans possess is the constant quest for power and dominance. The cold war for geopolitical power between the United States and Russia has always been a political and historical dilemma. Either it’s about advanced military power or who will land on the moon first, these two countries are considered blood thirsty rivals. This following study aims to compare the power, strength, economy, and innovation of both countries and determine who has won the quest for being the superpower of planet earth.

Example 2:

Male Nurses Vs. Female Nurses

“Whether a person is male or female, a nurse is a nurse.”_ Gary Veale

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According to the Registered Nurses (RN), women represent 87% of the nursing workforce. Nursing is considered a women dominant field but the participating 13% of the male workforce have shown how men can be caregivers as well. This debate is often on the charts to know which gender is better at being a nurse. Even Though nursing profession is not gender biased and anyone who has the passion and dedication for it, can be a nurse. But this study aims to compare male and female nurses to evaluate which gender is better at being caregivers.

How To Start A Comparison Contrast Essay

Unlike comparison essays, a comparison and contrast essay is not only asking you to compare two events or situations but also contrasting them. Here,you will have to be ready to counterclaim and give a logical reasoning behind your disapproval or offense to a certain statement of event. Let’s take a look at what are the requirements to start a comparison contrast essay.

  • Brainstorming

You need to analyze both materials that you have to compare and contrast for an essay. Brainstorm before you start writing in order to gather your thoughts regarding similarities and differences between the subjects. 

  • Develop a thesis statement

You have to  develop a strong thesis statement that resonates with your opinions and thoughts. Statement should clarify the relationship of the two subjects and what exactly is your essay trying to achieve. 

  • Outlining the potential points of discussion

Arrange all the points of discussion that you have. You need to outline the criteria in which you are comparing and contrasting both subjects. Outlining helps in maintaining a flow of ideas and standard formatting.

  • Write Introduction

You have to start your essay with writing an interesting and compelling introduction. You need to introduce your topic and thesis statement to the audience. To establish credibility of your topic you can also share some key results of previous research, or some powerful quote  

How To Start A Comparison And Contrast Essay Example

We have shared a concise example below that will help you craft a perfect comparison and contrast essay.  

High School Vs College

College starts after the huge milestone of highschool finishes. It’s a huge shift in the routine and overall lifestyle of a student. Even though College and high school both are academic institutions that are bound to educate students, there are plenty of differences in it’s timing, subjects, environment, expense, and duties.

This essay discovers the major similarities and shocking differences of high school and college. We aim to educate students about how they can prepare himself for the challenges in college life, and how they can utilize the learning from high school in their college education. 

Comparison Or Contrast Essay Examples 

Following are the trendy comparison or contrast essay examples that will give you an idea of how you can write an essay.

Example 1: 

Celebrities Vs. Influencers

With the growing trend of tik tok and short span videos, the influencers are getting more recognition and popularity. Tik Tok stars and influencers are known as stars today due to their large fanbase and their brand deals. But the general public still don’t accept them as the celebrities or stars of show business.  In this study we are going to compare and contrast the expertise, skill, and professional level of celebrities and influencers and determine why influencers shouldn’t be considered celebrities. 

Example 2: 

Twitter Vs. Threads

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Twitter and Threads are both significant platforms for online conversations. Twitter, known for its real-time, text-driven posts, is preferred by users wanting to engage in fleeting, broad-scale discussions. Thanks to its retweeting feature, messages on Twitter can easily reach one’s following and beyond. Conversely, Threads, a product by Meta tailored towards Instagram users, fosters meaningful and more regulated dialogues. Its major similarity with Twitter lies in the text-based format. However, Threads emphasizes close-knit community interactions, which starkly contrasts Twitter’s widespread and less monitored communication. Both may serve different demographics, yet they both function as key platforms for public exchange of ideas.

Take Away

Students always found themselves confused about how to start a comparison essay. The key secret of a perfect essay is the strong introduction. This blog shares expert tips and examples that provide vivid ideas on introducing your topic to the readers.