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How to help child struggling with writing?

Being a parent or educator, do you know how to help child struggling with writing in school? We all know that each kid, children or student has exceptional capabilities and talents. Some child students take an interest in reading and listening, while others rely on essay helpers as a beneficial resource for academic tasks.
However, one essential skill that many children struggle with is written communication.

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In this Blog, You Will Find:

  • What are the common challenges that educators and children face while learning writing skills?
  • 5 occupational therapist experts strategies to counter those challenges and make the learning enjoyable for struggling child in writing. 

5 Common Challenges of How to Help a Child Struggling with Writing 

Educators, teachers and essay writer helpers face numerous challenges while helping young children with handwriting skills. Due to the varying nature of children’s needs and their mental circumstances, some of the prominent challenges that educators and parents can face include:

Identifying the Actual Problem

The fundamental step in making children experts at writing assignment skills in class or school is to uncover the root causes that hinder their potential. This process can be challenging in how to help child struggling with writing and requires many parents and mentors to observe neurodivergent students having reluctant writer minds.  The kid can be facing problems in holding the pen or pencil while manipulating spellings and letters. And it may be dysgraphia or dyslexia that pose challenges in the writing process. 

“Let’s say the teacher is guiding pencil grips in class, he should evaluate the child’s sensory integration, executive function, and physical act. One effective approach is reading out the published research work of a dissertation writing service who already investigated the impact of these factors on the child’s writing abilities.t  

The mentor has to determine if the struggling child is experiencing fine motor problems? Or there is a language understanding and processing difficulty, lack of confidence and zone of proximal development (ZPD) issue. 

Adopting the Personalized Interventions

Adopting personalized learning strategies on how to help child struggling with writing for every student poses significant challenges. Because every student is unique, and there is not one solution that fits all. Coming up with the child’s creative writing learning style, sensory processing, and motor coordination may require close collaboration between parents, educators, and occupational therapists.

Keeping the Children Motivated

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While crafting solutions on how to help a child who struggles with writing, the mentors often see many children with frustration, poor working memory, and disinterest in writing-related activities. For instance, while tutoring assignment writing help, keeping students’ brain excitement intact is no less than challenging, especially when they think homeschool writing is a tedious and overwhelming activity. 

Maintaining a Balance Between Support and Independence

Striking the right balance between children’s support and fostering independence is equally important. While embarking on how to help child struggling with writing in school, it is also crucial to provide kids with the opportunity to do creative writing independently.  So, fostering a balance between mentorship and independence as per the child’s needs requires considerable sensitivity. 

Learning Differences

Parents and mentors face challenges with children developing dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder) etc. These learning disabilities make tasks of how to help a child struggling with writing overwhelming and anxiety inducing. Kids with these problems experience frustration and embarrassment in front of their fellows. Therefore, countering these issues requires mentors to adopt tailored assistance as per the child’s brain ability. 

Strategies on How to Help Child Struggling with Writing in School

Now you must be worrying about your incoming paper writing help for the children struggling with writing skills. But, you don’t need to be worried because in the given section we have provided 5 therapists strategies. By following these, as a teacher, parents, or mentor, you can make the learning writing activity more funny and interesting for your struggling child. 

Encourage Reading Habits 

First step of how to help a child who struggles with writing can be to develop reading skills of children. Because regular reading practices can help them understand the grammar, sentence structure and strengthen their vocabulary. Moreover, when a child reads aloud, it helps to efficiently comprehend different writing styles, spellings and usage of words. Additionally, developing reading habits at an earlier age will surely push them to become a great writer in future. 

Play Visual games

Organize graphics, creative pictures and images and ask your child to write descriptions in her own words.You can find word games from night zookeeper, educational diagrams and graphs etc in your efforts on how to help child struggling with writing. Moreover the caption can be anything such as how to do paper writing help, and give kids freedom to write anything whatever comes into her mind. Let the ideas flow without any restrictions.

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Ask Child to Write Persuasive Letter on Any Topic

Convincing someone with your points or opinion requires strong arguments with credible evidence. So being a mentor, you can go ask the child to write a ‘convince me’ letter or you can ask her to do creative writing about future topics like 10 years from now I see myself as an educationist. This activity can be a value addition on how to help those who struggle with writing . Choose a topic where you disagree with others and ask the students to come up with written ideas to change your mind. Give her freedom to use facts, statistics, expert quotes, and examples with viewpoints.

Practice Fine Motor Strategies

Propose different activities that help in developing finger strength and hand muscles. Ask children to practice drawing and shaping etc. These exercises will improve their pencil control and letter formation for good writing expertise. 

Encourage Use of Technology

For spelling and grammar check using the automated software can be supportive in how to help a child who struggles with writing. They can help children to identify their grammatical, spelling, and sentence structure mistakes. Mentors can use these tools for the purpose of helping children struggling with writing skills. Because softwares like grammarly sometimes gives the most awkward suggestion that compel the students to not only focus on mistakes but also use their brain’s cognitive power to rectify them accurately. 


While finding solutions on how to help child struggling with writing, mentors as well as parents face numerous challenges.Many children with ADHD, language delays, dysgraphia, and dyslexia find creative writing very boring and tedious activity. However, parents can make it fun by making kids practice loud reading and writing descriptions for visual games, drawings, and shapes etc. Moreover, fine motor activities can go a long way in the writing process.

Do you think there are other innovative strategies that can make the writing process more enjoyable as well as accessible?