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How Long Is a Short Essay?

Word limit grabs student’s attention before even the topic they have to write an essay upon. Word count of an essay mostly depends on how long is the deadline. Short essays are one of the most popular assignments that are assigned for shorter deadlines. But amidst attempting this assignment, students wonder how long is a short essay? But now with the best essay writer helpers in town their issue is fully addressed.

how long is a short essay

What is Considered a Short Essay?

A short essay is a piece of writing that is focused on briefly delivering information regarding the topic. It condenses all the elements of the essay into shorter word count. They require a quick read so you don’t have to exaggerate the information and background much. The length of a short essay depends on the deadline given to you and the type of topic you will cover. 

An ideal length of a short essay is 200 to 750 words that most of the writing essay help services follow, but it can go up to two to three pages. The golden rule of a short essay is that it should have a length that covers the topic fundamentals and explains the purpose of writing the essay.

Tips For How to Make an Essay Shorter

It’s very challenging to write a short essay and cover an entire topic within the low word count. To gather all the background, supporting information, and developing a thesis would make an essay lengthy.

Don’t struggle anymore because below we have shared some of the expert tips on how to shorten an essay without cutting off any important points of discussion. 

TIP 1: Understand What You Are Asked To Do

You need to stick to what you are asked to do in your essay. Read the guidelines given to you by your instructor. You need to detect what is the main essay question that is required from you to answer. The essay question might be to analyze, evaluate, elaborate, or discuss. Spot what is required from you, be specific, and stick to the topic instead of explaining things that are not even required.

TIP 2: Brainstorm For Best Ideas

How to make an essay shorter? First sit aside and brainstorm ideas that will help you answer the essay question and counterclaim in the best way possible. Well, to know what is counterclaim and how to present ideas concisely? You have to follow a checklist. 

At first, you need to plan and organize all the potential points of discussion coming to your head regarding the topic assigned to you. Then choose one or two stronger points of discussion that best resonate with what your essay question is. Also brainstorming will help you develop your main and counter argument along with a thesis statement that will provide direction to your essay.

TIP 3: Outline The Essay

To write in a precise way you need to outline your essay and plan on what you are going to discuss. Having all the points of discussion lined up in your head will help you cover all of them without missing out on anything. Most of the lengthy essays are just exaggerations of one point where the writer is trying to give context prior to elaborate their main points. In short essays, you need to follow the outline and keep your argument brief, connected, and to the point. 

TIP 4: Avoid Repetition

In short essays, you need to avoid any kind of repetition in words, ideas, arguments, and concepts. You need to be very careful about the words and language (just like synthesis essay AP lang) you are using in your essay context because every word counts. Always use impactful and stronger words to cover a big argument in smaller words. Don’t over explain and repeat one point of discussion again and again.

TIP 5: Sum Up Not Explain

The best tip to find out how to make an essay shorter is that students should avoid redundancy. As they found it hard to cover all the supporting evidence and argument in the essay due to its short word limit. You need to keep in mind the golden rule of not explaining but summing up all the information that you’ve gathered.

how long is a short essay

All the supporting arguments and evidence you have, you need to sum them up instead of going on a long journey of elaborating the research methodology, background, and key findings of them. You need to summarize everything and focus only on how it is impacting your thesis statement and essay finding. 

TIP 6: Proofread And Edit Your Draft

After writing your essay, proofread it thoroughly and edit out all the spelling errors, and the writing mistakes to ensure accuracy and quality of your work. You can also take out so many things that don’t make much impact on the essay except extending the word count. If you are still looking for how to shorten an essay even further,  then use chat gpt to write an essay, it will also help you. Furthermore, try a quick remedy of taking out the unnecessary adverbs, auxiliary verbs, and filler words to lower the word count even more. 

Take Away

Now that you’ve made it to the end, you are now equipped with the essential knowledge on how long is a short essay and how you can perfectly attempt it without missing out on anything.