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40 Easy Informative Essay Topics

Are you stuck in choosing a good topic for your informative essay assignment? We understand how hard it can be. A good topic makes or breaks your essay. That’s why almost all essay helpers recommend choosing an exciting topic to provide information on. In this blog, we are sharing easy informative essay topics to craft an engaging essay.

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Easy topics for an informative essay

Why are informative essay easy topics so important for the informative essay writing process? Well, as the name suggests, informative essays tend to provide information regarding a particular subject or topic. You can’t provide information for something that is not even engaging and interesting for the readers.  

  • You have to pick a topic that is well-known and intriguing. 
  • Prefer picking a topic that already has a lot of credible information available on it. 
  • All professional essay writer helpers suggest that a topic that can spark curiosity in readers is a good pick. 

Additional 20 Controversial Informative Essay Easy Topics

Raise your hand if you are stuck in picking controversial easy informative essay topics. To help you ease that tension, we have listed some of the most engaging titles that follow a controversial easy essay topics informative approach.

  1. Is global warming real or a myth?
  2. Should guns be licensed?
  3. Is the death penalty justified?
  4. Should producing tobacco products be banned?
  5. Is animal testing unethical?
  6. Why is globalization harmful?
  7. Why should explicit movies be banned?
  8. Is physical punishment helpful in disciplining kids?
  9. Why action and violence shouldn’t be shown on TV?
  10. Do video games take away empathy from young minds?
  11. Why abortion should be legal?
  12. Why are prison reforms essential?
  13. Why are athletes paid more than what they deserve?
  14. Why is it important to spread awareness of AIDS?
  15. Is world peace possible?
  16. Why do religion and science go hand in hand?
  17. Why are technology and social habits harmful?
  18. Is euthanasia ethical?
  19. Why should smoking in public places be banned?
  20.  Does cross-cultural marriages improve racial tolerance?

Easy Informational Essay Topic For 6th Grade

Are you a 6th grader and on the hunt for topics for your first essay assignment? You are in the right place. 6th grade is considered a more significant milestone because you  start to learn essay writing in this grade. We have shared a few easy informative essay topics below that beginners can use without confusion.

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  1. Understanding our solar system 
  2. How does the ecosystem connect everyone?
  3. The history of World Wars
  4. What is the significance of agriculture
  5. Where are the roots of terrorism?
  6. Why is daily physical activity necessary?
  7. Impact of poverty In third world countries
  8. Why is deforestation alarming?
  9. Is Alaska dangerous?
  10. Self analysis essay on 10 years from now I see myself topic.
  11. Why does education need to be free?
  12. Why is homework not helpful for students?
  13. Things that every student should have 
  14. Hiking or Climbing: What is more beneficial for health?
  15. What is the role of women in society?
  16. How does air pollution impact us?
  17. What is the water cycle?
  18. What is evolution and natural selection?
  19. How does bullying affect mental health?
  20. How do we utilize natural resources?
  21. What are the most vital religious beliefs?
  22. How to prevent bullying?
  23. What are the major trade routes around the world?
  24. How does technology evolve with time?
  25. How does the moon alter the ocean tides?
  26. What are the different types of government systems?

List Of Easy Topics For Informative Essay 

Hey, precious student, say goodbye to the boring and complex essay topics. Some assignment helpers have shared some of the most engaging and easy informative essay topics below. No matter what kind of essay you are writing, these titles will help you start your essay perfectly.

  1. Gender inequality In the workplace
  2. The safety hazards of Internet 
  3. The ethicality of pranks and jokes
  4. Ways to combat cybercrime
  5. Key secrets of handling anxiety
  6. Healthy food choices
  7. Why is mental health important?
  8. Effects of globalization
  9. Benefits of urbanization
  10. Social media and its importance
  11. Aspects of self care
  12. Popular natural phenomenons
  13. Biggest myths of history
  14. Why is climate change a leading problem?
  15. The pros and cons of nuclear energy

Wrapping Up

Well, that’s all from our side. Hopefully you are able to pick the best suited topic from our list of 40 easy informative essay topics. We have not only tried to help college students but shared untouched topics for 6th graders as well. So, do pick the topic and share your genuine reviews with us through allowed forums.