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College graduates with good writing skills

Many students are graduating from College, but how do they become college graduates with good writing skills?

As per Pennsylvania State University’s research, professionals indicate that “the ability to “write clearly for an audience,” or the ability to “persuade a reader” is among the most important skills for college graduates.”

Every career needs professionals with a compelling writing grip. So, whether you become a professional writer, journalist, doctor, or business administrator, this piece of writing will make you shine.  

What Do College Graduates with Good Writing Capabilities Say?

College graduates with good writing skills are more successful in their careers than ordinary students. Below, we have shared three live case studies of what college graduates have said about good writing expertise.

1. Sarah from Harvard University

Sarah, a Harvard University graduate student, has shared her experience with writing talent. She recently graduated with a degree in English Literature. When we asked her about the role of good writing skills at a graduate level, she shared without wasting a second that clarity and consistency were great thesis writing help for her.

According to her, a good writer is always able to convey complex ideas in a straight and simple manner. 

Her opinion in writing depicts that mastering grammar and syntax is far more important in effective communication. And lastly, she highlighted the importance of editing and proofreading to convey the message more accurately and error-free.

2. Michael From Yale University

Michael, another Yale University graduate student, has highlighted the importance of writing style. Michael holds a degree in business administration. He said that a good writer always understands the reader’s needs and changes the tone and language accordingly. 

Based on his professional experience, he stresses the importance of concise, persuasive writing, as clear communication is key to effective decision-making.

3. Emily From Northwestern University

Emily holds an undergraduate degree in journalism from Northwestern University. She emphasizes the role of research and storytelling in effective writing. According to her, good writing is always supported by authentic research and proper evidence. 

Emily also highlights the importance of storytelling techniques in engaging readers and provoking emotions. She suggests adding anecdotes, examples, and real-life descriptions to make your writing more compelling and memorable.

In these three case studies, writers from different educational backgrounds highlight the importance of good writing skills. Their definition of becoming college graduates with good writing experience lies in clarity, coherence, audience adaptation, and storytelling ability.

What Challenges Need to be Kept in Mind While Improving Writing Skills?

Some challenges should be kept in mind while improving writing art at the college level. Below are some challenges discussed.

  1. Distraction is a common challenge during writing tasks. Try to sit alone and avoid mobile phones while writing.
  2. Time management is another big challenge when improving writing capabilities. At the start, you may take more time to write. Once you make a flow, try to set a timer to do the writing tasks to meet deadlines.
  3. Sentence structuring plays a big role in improving your writing ability. Read the content again and again to make your sentence structure smooth and understandable for the reader.
  4. Writers always need to solve grammar mistakes. To avoid errors, read different resources about grammar basics. For further help, make notes on grammar basics.
  5. With the advancement in technology, many AI writing tools help you write. Despite its benefits, enhancing your skills can be challenging. It’s suggested that you write everything on your own to become graduates with good writing skills.

Data of Students with Writing Skills Assessment

In today’s world, many students need help grasping writing expertise. “According to a study from Chronicle of Higher Education, there is a “perception gap” between high school teachers’ and college professors’ assessments of their students’ writing skills. Let’s see what the research shows.



Professors at the college level view their students as well-prepared writer


Professor of high schools view their students as well-prepared writer


Professors of universities view their students as not ready for college-level writing


The research mentioned above shows the percentage of students with low writing capabilities. Our expert tips can help students improve their skills for career growth. 

Example of Bad Writing, and Good Writing Skills?

In this section, we have written down two examples of bad writing and good writing. We have also described the factors that make writing bad and how we can overcome them to become college graduates with good writing skills.

Example 1 of Bad Writing

Example 1 bad writing

The above example is considered bad writing because it’s too simple. It doesn’t have vivid imagery, which results in a dull explanation of the scene. The example could be more coherent and concise.

Example 1 of Good Writing

Example 1 good writing

In a good writing example, you see a mix of words, which attracts the reader’s attention. The sentences are also coherent and make a rich and immersive experience for the reader, bringing the scenes to life.

Example 2 of Bad Writing

Example 2 bad writing

This is a pure example of bad writing. It uses unclear words that don’t make sense, like “big and fast.” The repetition of the word “car” makes the text monotonous. Finally, the word “nice car “is subjective and doesn’t provide any specific detail.

Example 2 of Good Writing

Example 2 good writing

The use of each specific detail created a clear image in the reader’s mind. Words like “zoomed, roaring” add richness to the text. Overall, the sentence was a mix of words, with powerful words and strong emotions that made the writing more engaging. 

Importance of Writing Capabilities for College Students As Per Professors

Many professors from different specialization backgrounds have highlighted that college students must improve their writing mastery to progress further in their careers. We have mentioned some feedback from professors from other universities. 

Let’s see what they say about becoming graduates with good writing skills.

William Beeman

William Beeman, A Professor and Chair from the University of Minnesota, states, “I teach exclusively “writing intensive” courses, where students submit drafts first, then I correct them and hand them back for revision. Students then submit final versions of their papers. I like this system because it mirrors real life. 

I have never published anything that was not sent back for me to revise, and the revisions always resulted in better work. My students will encounter the same in whatever career they pursue.”

William Beeman highlights the importance of drafting and revision in students’ work. Students need to revise their work again and again to make it better. 

Above all, taking expert Feedback is very important, as students seeking Feedback from field experts gain valuable insights into how to become college graduates with good writing skills.

Allison Kranek

Allison Kranek, manager of the writing center at Ohio State University, states, “There’s really no escaping writing,” says Allison Krane, “Engineers still have to write. Business people still have to write. Doctors and lawyers still have to write.”

No matter what profession you are in, writing is an essential part of the job. Allison Kranek clearly says that writing is an integral part of anyone’s career. 

For example, a software developer has to write a proposal, needs scholarly essay help or a resume to get a good job, and has to write helpful materials throughout his career. So, writing at the beginning of an academic career helps students acquire this skill easily.

What Makes a College Student to Have Good Writing Skills?

What have we learned from this? Writing is the ultimate power for college graduates with good writing skills! Harry clearly says that those who don’t write well work for those who write well. 

So, we know that writing capabilities are necessary in today’s world. College students should start learning how to write if they want to achieve more than their dreams.

Causes of Poor Writing skills in College students

Writing that needs proper grammar, syntax, and sentence organization may not be satisfactory. Below, we have discussed some factors that are causing poor writing abilities in college students.

1. Lack of foundation in early education

Early education is the best time to develop writing skills. However, a lack of practice in early study can lead to major problems in writing during College. 

2. Limited Interaction with Reading

Students are engaged in extracurricular activities like playing games throughout childhood, but their reading habits develop once they become college students. 

Here, they find themselves in big trouble when they have to write a thesis, do literature reviews, and do big assignments. The only reason behind this is limited interaction with Reading. 

3. Distractions with Technological Advancement

With the advancement in technology, students are more engaged with social media and other digital distractions. They often find it challenging to focus on writing tasks. Instead, they spend their time on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram and playing video games. 

4. Writing Anxiety

Writing anxiety means fear of failure or criticism. This may develop from past negative experiences with writing assignments or a lack of confidence in their abilities to write. 

5. Limited Feedback and Revision

Limited Feedback and revisions may lead to poor writing efficiency. According to essay helpers, some students fear getting input from other colleagues, as they may laugh at them. But that’s fine; every writer must have to go through this.

6. Language Barriers

Roughly 13% of the world speaks the English language, but less than 5% speak It natively. These figures show that most students around the world need to have English as their first language. 

They may face difficulties with grammar, vocabulary, and cultural differences that affect their communication and writing abilities to become successful college graduates with good writing skills.

How can a college student improve his/her writing skills? Tips from experts

In the previous section, we have discussed some causes and problems that college students face in writing. But what makes a college student have good writing skills?

According to experts, some tips help college students improve their writing experience. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Read extensive topics

Students are encouraged to read literature, academic articles, and professional writing to enhance their writing abilities. They must develop a habit of reading for one hour daily. 

2. Practice writing daily.

Writing is a skill that improves with practice. Students must try to practice this skill multiple times a day. It is not true that the first draft is always perfect. Try to write again and again, and you will see a piece of paper that is 100% correct. 

3. Get Feedback from senior colleagues and professionals

College students are encouraged to get feedback on their written samples from senior college graduates with good writing skills or college professors. Each person sees the world differently, so Feedback will give you many suggestions for improvement.

4. Revise and Edit

Clarity, coherence, grammar, and proper punctuation are common in all kinds of writing, especially for college students. The work should be revised and edited again and again until your content covers all these elements. 

5. Learn from Models

College faculty or professors should provide students with well-written essays, reports, and at least one research papers helper in related fields of study. 

Students analyze these models to identify perfect writing techniques, which include an ideal thesis statement, clear organization of words and sentences, and complete arguments. 

6. Practice Different Writing Styles

Please encourage students to write in different styles and genres, such as persuasive essays, analytical reports, and creative writing, to enhance their writing versatility. When they write in various styles and tones, they are more likely to grab their target audience.

Book Recommendations from College Graduates to Brush Up Writing 

Have you ever read Books to improve your writing talent in College? Here are some top recommendations from college graduates with good writing skills for achieving more in real life.

“Zen in the Art of Writing” by Ray Bradbury

This book is not directly about writing but a collection of essays by Ray Bradbury. These essays offer practical advice and inspiration for motivated Essay Writers.

“Stein On Writing” by Sol Stein

Sol Stein was a well-known author who shared his thoughts on crafting fiction and nonfiction in his book “Stein on Writing.” This book covers many topics, including character development, dialogue, and revision techniques. 

Some college graduates followed Stein’s practical advice and example from this book and achieved success. 

“On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft” by Stephen King

Stephen King’s “On Writing” is a best-selling book that tells the author’s journey and his approach to writing. He described how he discovered writing and what he learned about it and provided practical tips for aspiring writers. He also includes newbie writers with anecdotes from his own life and career.

My Personal Experience in Writing and How I Improve it in College

As a college graduate student, I  am here to share my writing experience with you guys. The best part is how I improved this skill to become a college graduate with good writing skills. 

Please take a minute to sit back, read my story, get motivated, and start practicing your writing capabilities today.

“When I was a college student, I found it hard to complete my assignments. The reason was my lack of writing experience. I was very frustrated at first, but then I decided to improve my skills. I attended a writing workshop from the university’s writing center. I also get assignment writing help online, read different authors’ books, and learn various writing styles. 

Also, my seniors’ Feedback and professors’ recommendations helped me a lot in achieving my goal. In the end, I arranged my words, structured my content, and told stories. It was a hard time for me, but it paid off for my hard work and dedication. Now, I am passionate about helping others develop writing talent in their college lives.”

Final Thoughts

Overall, becoming college graduates with good writing skills needs a lot of dedication and struggle. We have covered some tips to overcome the challenges faced in writing skills. 

These tips are specially crafted by experts who face the same challenges in their college life. We also share some case studies, professional reviews, and insights on this topic to get help. 

Don’t make excuses, and let yourself be a professional writer during your college life. If an author can do it, everyone can.