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150 Criminal Justice Essay Topics 

For readers we have assembled the “150 criminal justice essay topics 2024” which can help you pick the right heading for your topic selection. 


A compare and contrast essay will ask students to consider two or more Criminal justice essay topics and identify their similarities and differences. Compare and contrast essays often require students to have a strong understanding of both topics in order to make effective comparisons.


A cause and effect essay will look at why something happens within the criminal justice system and its effects on society or an individual. These types of essays often require students to carry out extensive research in order to identify the causes and consequences of a particular issue.


A problem-solution essay will ask students to identify a problem within the criminal justice system and put forward a solution for this problem. These types of essays often require students to have a strong understanding of both the problem and the potential solutions before they can offer a solution.


Students will be asked to conduct a critical analysis of a criminal justice system issue in a critical analysis essay. These essays often require students to have a strong understanding of the issues at hand in order to offer a well-rounded analysis.

No matter what type of criminal justice essay you are asked to write, be sure to carefully read the instructions to determine what is required of you. Once you understand the task at hand, you can begin planning and writing your essay.

150 Criminal Justice Topics


When writing a criminal justice essay, there are a few general tips that you can follow to make sure that your essay is of the highest quality.


Before you start writing your essay, it is essential to take some time to plan out what you are going to say. This will help to ensure that your writing flows smoothly and that all of the critical points are covered.


If your essay requires you to carry out research, be sure to do so thoroughly. Collect evidence from several sources and make sure that this evidence is reliable. Also, make sure to cite all of your sources in the appropriate MLA, Chicago, or APA style.


Your essay should follow a logical path from beginning to end. Use headings and subheadings to help break up your writing and make it easy to read.


Once you have finished writing your essay, be sure to proofread it carefully in order to catch any mistakes. It is also good to have someone else read over your essay to give you feedback.

Make sure that you follow these tips when writing your criminal justice essay to give yourself the best chance of success.

Compare and Contrast Essays: The Great Detective Game

Imagine you’re comparing two superheroes. In a compare and contrast essay, you’ll do something similar with topics in criminal justice. Think about what makes them alike and what makes them different. It’s like playing a detective game where you spot the clues about how things are the same and how they are different.

Cause and Effect Essays: The Why-and-What-Happens Adventure

In these essays, you turn into a why-and-what-happens detective. You look at something in criminal justice and ask, “Why did this happen?” and “What happened because of it?” It’s like following a trail of breadcrumbs to see where they lead.

Problem-Solution Essays: The Superhero Solver

Here, you get to be a superhero! Find a problem in the world of criminal justice and think of a smart way to solve it. It’s like having a superhero’s gadget belt. You figure out what tool (solution) works best to fix the problem.

Critical Analysis Essays: The Thoughtful Thinker

This is where you become a thoughtful thinker. Take a topic in criminal justice and think deeply about it, like a detective pondering over a puzzle. What’s going on? Why is it important? You get to share your smart thoughts about it.

Tips for Writing Your Superhero Essay Before you start writing, let’s go over some tips to make your essay super cool:

  1. Planning: It’s like drawing a treasure map. Plan your essay journey before you start writing.
  2. Research: Be a detective! Look for clues (information) in books or the internet to help your essay.
  3. Structure: Make your essay easy to follow, like a path through a fun park. Use headings to guide your readers.
  4. Proofreading: Check for sneaky spelling mistakes and tricky grammar. It’s like polishing your superhero badge!


To help get you started, we have provided a list of 150 criminal justice essay topics below:

Research Criminal Justice Essay Topics: Be a Detective!

  1. How does social media help or confuse crime fighters?
  2. Discover the magic of DNA evidence in solving crimes.
  3. Explore the cool gadgets and technology used by crime fighters.
  4. Understand why some people think there’s unfairness in the justice system.
  5. Learn about the debate on the death penalty in the USA.
  6. Dive into the world of young people in the justice system.
  7. Investigate why some police officers are too rough.
  8. Uncover the truth about the fight against drugs.
  9. Explore life inside prisons in the USA.
  10. Think about fixing problems vs. punishing in the justice system.

Argumentative Essay Topics: Pick a Side!

  1. Is the death penalty a good or bad punishment?
  2. Should young people be treated as adults in court?
  3. Are prisons doing their job well?
  4. Should fixing problems be the main goal of the justice system?
  5. Is social media helpful or troublesome for crime fighters?
  6. Should all crimes use DNA evidence?
  7. Should police officers carry weapons?
  8. At what age should someone be considered an adult in court?
  9. Should we have a list for people who break certain rules?
  10. Is it good for police to search people as a tactic?

Problem-Solution Essay Topics: Be a Problem Solver!

  1. How can we stop police officers from being too rough?
  2. What’s the best way to win the fight against drugs?
  3. How can we make the system better for young people?
  4. How can we make fixing problems work better in the justice system?
  5. How can we use DNA evidence better?
  6. How can social media help solve crimes?
  7. How can we stop unfairness in the justice system?
  8. How can we improve prisons?
  9. What can make the death penalty better?
  10. What can we do to lower crime rates?

Opinion Essay Topics: Share Your Thoughts!

  1. Do you think the death penalty is a good punishment?
  2. Should young people be treated as adults in court?
  3. Is the prison system working well?
  4. Should fixing problems be the main goal of the justice system?
  5. Is social media helpful or troublesome for crime fighters?
  6. Should all crimes use DNA evidence?
  7. Are police officers better with or without weapons?
  8. How do you feel about police searching people?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics: Spot the Differences!

  1. The justice system in the USA vs. the UK.
  2. Death penalty vs. life in prison.
  3. DNA evidence vs. what witnesses say.
  4. Police being too rough in the USA vs. other countries.
  5. Young people in the justice system in the USA vs. France.
  6. Prisons in the USA vs. other countries.
  7. Fixing problems vs. punishing in the justice system.

Definition Essay Topics: What Does It Mean?

  1. What is “social justice”?
  2. What does “police brutality” mean?
  3. What is “white-collar crime”?
  4. What is “organized crime”?
  5. What is “street crime”?
  6. What is “cybercrime”?
  7. What is “capital punishment”?
  8. What is “juvenile delinquency”?
  9. What is “recidivism”?
  10. What is “restorative justice”?

Cause and Effect Essay Topics: Why and What Happens?

  1. Why are some police officers too rough?
  2. What happens because of the fight against drugs?
  3. Why do some young people break rules?
  4. What happens because of prisons?
  5. Why do people break rules again?
  6. What happens when we fix problems in the justice system?
  7. Why do people do sneaky crimes?
  8. What happens because of the death penalty?
  9. Why do people commit crimes online?
  10. How does social media affect the justice system?

Remember, young writers, each topic is a chance to explore and share your own thoughts on important issues in the criminal justice world. Writing a persuasive death penalty essay can be a compelling challenge, as it requires thorough research and strong arguments to support your stance. With a bit of planning and some help, you can create an amazing essay that sparks critical conversations and prompts readers to rethink their perspectives on capital punishment. Let’s start this exciting writing journey!

Rewrite in a professional and more engaging tone for the readers and please use simple English so that a 7 year old kid can understand:


  1. The O.J. Simpson case
  2. The Trayvon Martin case
  3. The Rodney King case
  4. The Michael Brown case
  5. The Eric Garner case
  6. The Ferguson riots
  7. The Baltimore riots
  8. The Charleston church shooting
  9. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting
  10. The Orlando nightclub shooting
  11. The Las Vegas mass shooting
  12. The Parkland school shooting
  13. The Waco siege
  14. The Ruby Ridge standoff
  15. The Oklahoma City bombing

Criminal Justice Essay Topics Regarding Legislation

  1. Examination of the USA PATRIOT Act’s Impact on Civil Liberties
  2. Analyzing the Provisions and Implications of the Patriot Act of 2001
  3. An In-depth Analysis of the Homeland Security Act of 2002
  4. The USA FREEDOM Act: Balancing National Security and Privacy Rights
  5. Historical Significance and Contemporary Relevance of the Voting Rights Act of 1965
  6. The Evolution and Influence of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  7. Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Fair Housing Act of 1968
  8. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965: A Turning Point in Immigration Policy
  9. Impact and Implications of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
  10. A Comprehensive Examination of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996
  11. Historical Context and Significance of the Border Patrol Act of 1925
  12. Revisiting the USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005
  13. The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act of 2006: Ethical and Legal Considerations

Criminal Justice Essay Topics Addressing Social Issues

  1. The Ongoing Debate Surrounding the War on Drugs
  2. Examining Police Brutality: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies
  3. Racial Profiling: Its Prevalence and Impact on Communities
  4. Mass Incarceration in America: Causes and Consequences
  5. The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Identifying Key Factors and Solutions
  6. Private Prisons: An Evaluation of Their Role in the Criminal Justice System
  7. Capital Punishment: Ethical Dilemmas and Contemporary Debates
  8. The Juvenile Justice System: Challenges and Opportunities
  9. Forensic Science in Criminal Investigations: Advancements and Ethical Challenges
  10. Gun Control Policies and Their Impact on Crime Rates

Criminal Justice Essay Topics Focused on Reform

  1. The Necessity for Comprehensive Prison Reform in the United States
  2. Sentencing Reform: Addressing Disparities and Effectiveness
  3. Drug Policy Reform: Alternative Approaches to Substance Abuse
  4. Police Reform: Strategies for Accountability and Improved Community Relations
  5. Judicial Reform: Enhancing the Fairness and Efficiency of the Legal System
  6. Immigration Reform: Balancing National Security and Humanitarian Concerns
  7. Electoral Reform in the Criminal Justice System: Ensuring Fair Trials
  8. Gun Control Reform: Evaluating Policy Proposals
  9. Innovations in Criminal Justice System Reform: Recent Developments

Criminal Justice Narrative Essay Topics

  1. A Day in the Life of a Police Officer: A Glimpse into Law Enforcement
  2. The Duties and Challenges of a Prison Guard: A Personal Perspective
  3. A Day in the Life of a Probation Officer: Balancing Rehabilitation and Supervision
  4. The Role of a Parole Officer: Reintegration and Community Safety
  5. Insights from a Court Clerk: Behind-the-Scenes of Legal Proceedings
  6. A Prosecutor’s Daily Routine: Pursuing Justice in the Courtroom
  7. Life on Death Row: Narratives from Inmates Awaiting Execution
  8. A Public Defender’s Perspective: Legal Advocacy for the Indigent
  9. A Private Attorney’s Journey: Navigating the Complexities of Criminal Law
  10. Serving Justice as a Jury Member: A Civic Duty and Responsibility
  11. A Day in the Life of a Bailiff: Maintaining Order in the Courtroom
  12. The Responsibilities of a Judge: Balancing Law and Fairness
  13. Supporting Victims of Crime: Insights from a Victims’ Advocate

Criminal Justice Essay Topics Examining Ethical Concerns

  1. The Moral Dilemmas Surrounding the Death Penalty
  2. Ethical Considerations in Solitary Confinement Practices
  3. Plea Bargaining Ethics: Balancing Expediency and Fairness
  4. Mandatory Minimum Sentencing: Ethical Implications and Reform Efforts
  5. Asset Forfeiture: Assessing the Balance between Law Enforcement and Individual Rights
  6. The Ethical Dimensions of Police Use of Force and Brutality
  7. Evaluating the Ethics of Stop and Frisk Policies
  8. Ethical Considerations in Racial Profiling Practices
  9. The Moral Quandaries of the War on Drugs
  10. The Ethics of Mass Incarceration: Human Rights and Social Justice
  11. Private Prisons: Ethical Concerns in the Pursuit of Profit
  12. Ethics in Juvenile Justice: Rehabilitation vs. Punishment
  13. Addressing Ethical Dilemmas in the School-to-Prison Pipeline
  14. Ethical Challenges in Forensic Science: Ensuring Accuracy and Integrity

Criminal Justice Essay Topics Exploring Career Options

  1. A Career in Law Enforcement: Roles, Responsibilities, and Challenges
  2. Becoming a Detective: Solving Crimes and Seeking Justice
  3. Crime Scene Investigation as a Career: Unveiling the Truth through Evidence
  4. The Role of a Forensic Scientist: Scientific Expertise in Criminal Cases
  5. Navigating the Legal System: A Career as a Criminal Defense Attorney
  6. Pursuing Justice as a Prosecutor: Advocating for the State
  7. The Judiciary: A Career as a Judge and the Pursuit of Fairness
  8. Paralegals in the Legal Field: Crucial Support for Attorneys
  9. Court Reporters: Documenting Legal Proceedings with Precision
  10. The Role of a Bailiff in the Courtroom: Maintaining Order and Safety
  11. Careers in Corrections: Rehabilitation and Security in Prisons
  12. Probation and Parole Officers: Guiding Offenders towards Reintegration
  13. Supporting Victims of Crime: A Career in Victim Advocacy
  14. Law Enforcement Administration: Leadership Roles in Policing
  15. Private Security Careers: Safeguarding Individuals and Property
  16. Intelligence and Counterterrorism: Careers in National Security
Criminal Justice topics for students

Each of these criminal justics essay topics presents a valuable opportunity for students to delve into significant aspects of the criminal justice system, offering a platform to articulate their perspectives and insights. Writing a successful criminal justice essay requires careful planning and thorough research, but with dedication and access to online resources, students can craft well-informed and impactful essays that demonstrate their understanding of this vital field. For writing such topics, you can get help from writing essay help